NBA 2K21 Best Beginner Tips For Guarding, Shooting And Defending

NBA 2K21 new players don’t know what to do due to the games constantly update new patches. As a matter of fact, the gameplay will at least changed a little bit. Don’t worry, our NBA 2K21 beginners tips and tricks help you master the game even if update the new patch. We will talk about the best beginner tips for guarding, defending as well as shooting. NBA 2K21 MT and NBA 2K21 MT PS5 get you on top of things.


NBA 2K21 Guarding Tips  

One of the best NBA 2K21 beginner tips for guarding is guarding the lines, especially when you are dribbling and defending. It’s important to remember the goal is simply not allowing the ball handler to beat you in the painted area. Animations are guaranteed to trigger, and you’re fighting to not foul them or give up a bucket in the office. You want to get to this spot before the defense does.

Getting accustomed to necessary spots on the floor anticipating this is where they need to go or where you need to go. This will help you react faster when the situation calls for it. Like pouncing the moment you got the defender to slide out of the way instead of you doing one more dribble moves. The lane is closed, being aware of the area you need to guard on defense will have you naturally making the proper adjustments. You need to always be in line with these marks and to know when you’re officially beat and when it’s then time to start sprinting.

NBA 2K21 Tips and Ticks 

These 2k21 useful tips are for someone on the court by tapping l1 or lb a screen appears on the first page, you want to hit the last option screen positional play calling. In that case, everybody has icons over their head, whoever you want to call a specific player, you can hit their icon. The whole menu is specifically tailored with the first four options being basic plays you could do. Player based on their position and hitting left or right trigger gets you into the team’s playbook of plays that you can run with that player.  Some players only are able to run three-point play so their playbook is small. While the point guard of the star players playbook libraries is usually very huge. Check 2K21 best jumpshots for next gen and current gen.

NBA 2K21 Defensive Tips

NBA 2K21 defense tips and tricks for starters to have patience during defending and the goal is to put the ball into baskets. On defense, you want to make that as hard as possible for your opponent, every shot they take you to want to be as close as you can which means having discipline. Try not to fly around the court and jump into every little hint of a shot. Instead of trying to go for blocks every time off the court, you can start thinking about contesting shots. By holding the right stick up, putting your player into hands up the defense. Alternatively, you can flick the right stick up when your opponent is further away and shoot. Adopting this type of approach you will see the most direct positive results in the paint area. As you’re jumping less but making the paint a less desirable place to attack.

NBA 2K21 Shooting Tips

The next important NBA 2K21 tips for shooting is don’t force shots.  In general, you don’t want to get into the habit of fortunate shots when the chance of it being a high percentage. It’s nice to be bailed out by badges once in a while but you don’t want it to reflect in your shot selection.  So that you have to be aware of your surroundings to then judge if you should shoot that particular shot. Speaking mainly for parking racks shot, your teammates don’t pass you the ball and once you get the ball you’re shooting regardless of what the defense is doing. The 2k21 shooting tips here you must fight the urge and don’t be afraid to pass it back if the shot isn’t there.