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nasscom: Nasscom publishes guidelines for responsible AI aimed at researchers, developers and users


India’s apex software and services corporate body Nascom has released a set of guidelines for defining the “responsible” use of generative artificial intelligence. These guidelines are aimed at researchers, developers and users of generative AI models and apps. They emphasize conducting comprehensive risk assessments and maintaining internal oversight throughout the lifecycle of a generative AI solution.

Purpose of these guidelines
The Nasscom guidelines try to limit the damage from generative AI. The largest of these, according to the report, are disinformation, IP breach, data privacy violation, spreading of prejudice, large-scale disruption of life and livelihoods, environmental degradation and malicious cyber-attacks. In a statement, Nasscom said that going forward, the focus will be on promoting awareness about the adoption of these guidelines, developing specific guidelines for different use cases, and improving the existing responsible AI resource kit. Nasscom Chairman Debyani Ghosh said the framework is “massively unique to India and represents a proactive step towards building a transparent and robust roadmap for building and using AI responsibly”.

Careful use and risk assessment of the potential harm
For the development of generative AI solutions, the guidelines recommend prudent use and risk assessment of the potential harm caused by the deployment of such solutions throughout their lifecycle. The guidelines also call for the disclosure of data and algorithm resources unless developers can prove that releasing such information could harm public safety.

Complaint recovery mechanisms are in place
The guidelines also advise on the explainability of the output generated by these generative AI algorithms, as well as grievance mechanisms to address mishaps during the development or use of such solutions.

“The guidelines would help the ecosystem unleash the true potential of AI and create a future that harmoniously combines human ingenuity with technological advancements,” said Nasscom chairman and Microsoft India president Anant Maheshwari.


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