NASCAR driver goes BERZERK on a fellow racer after a wreck at Martinsville Speedway

NASCAR driver goes BERSERK on fellow racer after wreck, admits after he wanted to ‘Mike Tyson’ his opponent’s head after he was flipped off

  • At a race at Martinsville Speedway, one driver was seen hitting another after an accident took him out of a heat race
  • Andrew Grady said he started hitting Davey Callihan after Callihan flipped him off when he tried to talk about what happened.
  • Callihan says he never intended to crash Grady and never turned him away
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During a race at a lower-level NASCAR event at Virginia’s Martinsville Speedway, two drivers got into an argument after an accident.

Driver Andrew Grady was seen throwing wild punches through the window at rival Davey Callihan after both drivers had pulled onto the track.

Grady managed to pull down the window screen in Callihan’s car and threw haymaker after haymaker at his head.

After continuing, Grady was picked up and pulled away by a bystander and calm reigned.

NASCAR driver Andrew Grady was seen throwing punches into Davey Callihan’s car

After the altercation, Grady gave his recollection of the events, saying Callihan turned him away when he went over to discuss what happened.

‘He turned me off! So I started Mike Tyson in his head.’ Grady said before adding a shrug and continuing. ‘At the end of the day we were really, really good. The car was driving fast. But man… you get these idiots that come in here and ride with us and they have no business driving a late model (car) much less a lawnmower.

‘I mean… he wasn’t close, he divebombed me, he hooked me… and I wanted to talk to him and he turned me away. So I started Mike Tyson in the head. You are in a big boy’s sport. When you destroy a man, you can take a grown man to whip, that’s how I feel about it.’

Grady says that when he confronted Callihan, the latter flipped him off, leading to the fights

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Says Callihan destroyed him and Brandon Pierce.

— Matt Weaver (@MattWeaverRA) 24 September 2022

In his response, Callihan says he didn’t turn him away and that he was open to having a conversation with him.

‘It was for a transfer position in Martinsville. From my perspective, I was there. It was close. But you can’t give an inch for the transfer place when there are 95 cars, and I had to take it. It was just a tough race. I apologize to (Grady), but we’re fighting for our lives out there, so I just did what I had to do.

‘I have never turned anyone away. He just comes and starts hitting me inside the race car so… I understand he’s frustrated but again it’s for the transfer slot and we were just fighting for our lives.’

“We were fighting for our lives out there.”

Davey Callihan makes the Martinsville 300.

— Matt Weaver (@MattWeaverRA) 24 September 2022

Callihan says he never flipped on Grady and was just racing ‘hard’


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