Nano Hearing Aids: The truth from more than 300 reviews

Over the last few years, the hearing aid market has evolved and allows more people with hearing problems affordable access to incredible sound quality. Nano Hearing Aids was founded in 2018 to meet consumer demand for well-priced hearing aids. Nano hearing aid models immediately grew in popularity and continue to receive positive reviews from their pleased customers.

Nano Hearing Aids are engineered using the amazing digital nano-technology that allows each of its models to fill a huge gap in the hearing aid market. Hearing aid prices range from more than $6,000 per device, most people with hearing loss need two devices, to $29 for a pair.

Getting the same performance from a $29 device is unrealistic, but for many Americans, spending $4,000 is unaffordable, considering that most insurance providers won’t pay for hearing aids.

Nano hearing aids have filled the price and value gap of hearing aids with their superb technology, comfortable fit, and discreet design. Removing the middleman allows Nano Hearing Aid to offer their superb technology at affordable prices that range between $370 to $797 a pair. The various models in the range are effective and can be bought online. These include some models that have rechargeable technology and one with remote smartphone adjustment capabilities.

Consumers are the best reviewers, and hearing aids are no exception. Reviews from satisfied consumers show how effective Nano Hearing Aids are.

Nano X2R: What reviewers are saying about this Nano hearing aid?

The rechargeable Nano X2R is a very discreet behind-the-ear hearing device. The pair give up to 16 hours of hearing power on one charge. Incredibly, a recharge takes only 3 hours, and reviewers consider them great value for money.

The Nano X2R is very comfortable with many reviewers saying they can’t even feel that they are wearing hearing aids. They are comfortable even when used by those who wear glasses. Additionally, customers rave about their discreet size that makes them unnoticeable when worn.

However, most reviewers reveal what a difference their Nano X2R hearing aids have made to their quality of living. They can now pick up on even the most distant sounds and are turning their TV sets lower. Being able to hear after a long time positively affects the social lives of older people, allowing them to pursue their hobbies and go out more.

Reviews for the latest Nano Sigma

The Nano Sigma are discreet behind-the-ear devices loved for their comfortable fit by their reviewers. One special feature makes the Nano Sigma one of the most desirable hearing aid models around because a hearing test can be taken on the Nano Mobile App. The Nano Sigma hearing devices can then be adjusted with just one click.

Reviewers also like that they can control their hearing aids from their mobile app, switching modes depending on the environment they are in. The battery-operated Nano Sigma gets good reviews for its batteries which last surprisingly long. Quite a few reviewers say the Nano Sigma is a quality product available at a very affordable price.

Nano Hearing Aids: The truth from more than 300 reviews

Nano RX2000 continues to impress in reviews

The rechargeable RX2000 is not only very affordable but also very easy to use. This makes the RX2000 very popular with people who want noise reduction technology and the choice of 2 sound environments, but nothing more complicated. One reviewer said he was amazed at how well he could hear again. Other reviews said that these are the types of hearing aids that anyone can work “put in the batteries, adjust the volume, and you are ready to go.”

What reviewers are saying about the Nano CIC?

No range of hearing aids can be complete without CIC hearing devices. Complete-in-the-canal (CIC) devices are even more discreet than behind the ear devices and are often preferred by some users. Nano CIC hearing aids are available in both battery-operated and rechargeable models.

Reviewers say that these discreet hearing aids are superior in sound quality to other models of CIC’s they have tried. They are discreet and fit perfectly, and come with extra ear domes and tubes. The rechargeable Nano CICs are very popular and get great reviews from people who have previously had trouble with replacing batteries on CIC hearing devices. 

Comparing Resound and Nano hearing aids

Resound hearing aids cannot be purchased online like Nano hearing aids. Consumers need to make an appointment with a hearing care professional or audiologist who will assess the level of hearing loss.

Their hearing aids offer solutions for all levels of hearing loss, and they incorporate different features and wireless capabilities. Their various models can either be controlled or adjusted through the Resound mobile app.

Reviews of the Resound hearing aid models show that consumers are highly satisfied with their products overall. They say they are comfortable, convenient, and are effective at treating hearing loss. However, when they are compared with other reliable brands like Nano Hearing aids, reviewers feel that their overall cost does not offer them value for money.

Considering that they often need to replace hearing aids after 4 to 5 years, their prices which range between $3,500 and $8,200 a pair are unaffordable for most Americans. Judging from the Nano Hearing Aid reviews, Americans are opting for more affordable reliability when it comes to hearing aids.