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Nancy Pelosi tells Republicans they look MISERABLE


Speaker Emeritus Nancy Pelosi told House Republicans on Wednesday they looked ‘miserable’ and said they had turned the chamber into a ‘puppet show’ at the behest of former President Donald Trump .

Pelosi was the last Democrat to speak during the afternoon debate on whether California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff should be censured for his role in the House’s Russian investigation into Trump. .

A similar measure targeting Schiff, the former top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, whom House Speaker Kevin McCarthy kicked off the panel earlier this year, failed in the House last week.

“Today we are on the floor of the Chamber where the other side transformed this chamber – where slavery was abolished, where Medicare and social security and everything was instituted – they l ‘turned into a puppet show,” Pelosi said. ‘A puppet show.

‘And you know what?’ the 83-year-old lawmaker continued. “The puppeteer, Donald Trump, shines the light on the strings.

‘You look miserable. You look miserable,” she directed to her colleagues across the aisle.

Speaker Emeritus Nancy Pelosi told House Republicans on Wednesday they looked ‘miserable’ and said they had turned the chamber into a ‘puppet show’ at the behest of former President Donald Trump .

Pelosi then joked that she was glad House Republicans were paying attention to the issue.

“The only benefit of all of this is that instead of reversing what we did on the [Inflation Reduction Act] to save the planet, or reverse what we’ve done to reduce the cost of prescription drugs, you’re wasting time,” she told her GOP colleagues.

Florida Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, a Trump acolyte, led efforts to censure Schiff, who is running for the U.S. Senate in California.

While last week the effort fell through, several other Republicans signaled they would vote for the resolution after the removal of a provision that would fine Schiff $16 million if the ethics committee of the Chamber determined that he had lied.

Luna then spoke upstairs in the house, pooping what Pelosi had just said.

“Again I would like to say this is not about Donald Trump,” Luna protested.

“This is about holding someone accountable for exploiting their official position, gaining access to information that most members of Congress don’t have access to. And bring the responsibility back to the American people – so whatever the lady from California says, or whoever else, you are not being honest about the purpose of this resolution and this censorship, ‘added the 34-year-old legislator.

The resolution says Schiff held positions of power during the Trump administration and “abused that trust by saying there was evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.”

“By repeatedly telling these lies, Rep. Schiff deliberately misled his committee, Congress, and the American people,” he said.

House Republicans, led by Intelligence Committee Rep. Devin Nunes, initially launched an investigation in 2017 into Trump’s ties to Russia — with the Justice Department.

The DOJ investigation was assigned to Special Counsel Robert Mueller by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, with Trump’s first attorney general, Jeff Sessions, having recused himself from the case due to his work on the campaign. 2016 of the then President.

The Mueller report found “numerous ties between the Russian government and the Trump campaign” but could not legally prove there was a “conspiracy” between the two entities.

Additionally, the DOJ did not recommend any criminal charges.

Schiff’s involvement put him on Trump’s radar and earned him the nicknames “Little Pencil Neck” and “Sneaky Schiff.”

Later in the Trump administration, Schiff served as lead prosecutor during the Republican president’s first impeachment.

On Wednesday, Schiff was defiant.

“To my fellow Republicans who brought forward this resolution, thank you. You honor me with your enmity. You flatter me with this lie,’ Schiff said Wednesday on the House floor. “You who are the authors of ‘a big lie about the last election, you must condemn the truth tellers and I stand proudly before you.’

Schiff shamed McCarthy for spending the last two weeks on the resolution instead of dealing with homelessness or opioid addiction, calling it a “hollow sop for the MAGA crowd” and a “little political reward”.

‘I will not give in. Not an inch,” Schiff said.

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