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Nancy Pelosi talks about attack on husband Paul in first TV interview

Nancy Pelosi revealed that she never expected her husband Paul to be the one in her family who was attacked when the Capitol Police woke her up in the middle of the night.

The House Speaker also said the attack would affect her political future after the 2022 midterm elections — though before the incident she has continually declined to comment on prospects of remaining in House leadership if Democrats win a majority. losses.

In her first televised interview since her 82-year-old husband suffered skull fractures in the hammer attack, Pelosi said told CNN she was ‘frightened’ when she heard the doorbell and was banged on her door five times – assuming whoever was there was in the wrong place.

“I look up, I see it’s 5 o’clock, they must be in the wrong apartment,” she said in the interview, which airs in full at 8 p.m. Monday night.

“So I run to the door and I’m really scared,” Pelosi told Anderson Cooper. “I see the Capitol Police and they say, ‘We need to come in and talk to you,'” she added.

Pelosi said she immediately thought of her grandchildren and children, and initially thought the news would not be about her husband.

“I never thought it would be Paul because, you know, I knew he wouldn’t be out, shall we say,” the House Speaker said of her domestic husband.

Nancy Pelosi has revealed she never expected her husband Paul to be the one attacked when Capitol police woke her up in the middle of the night

Paul Pelosi (right) was attacked by a man with a hammer at the couple’s San Francisco home last month. Speaker Pelosi (left) was not at home at the time of the attack

‘And so she’ [Capitol Police] came inside. We didn’t even know where he was at the time,” she said. “We only knew that there had been an attack on him in our house.”

David DePape is charged with six charges related to the attack, including attempted murder, burglary, assault, false imprisonment and threatening the family member of a government official.

David DePape (pictured) is charged with six charges related to the attack, including attempted murder, burglary, assault, false imprisonment and threatening the family member of a government official

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He pleaded not guilty to all state charges. After the attack two weeks ago, immigration officials revealed that DePape was in the country illegally after he overstayed his visa from Canada.

In the final phase of mid-term campaigns, Democrats say the attack on Paul Pelosi is evidence of the heightened risk of political violence — and that they have blamed it solely on former President Donald Trump’s rhetoric and the actions of President Donald Trump. his supporters.

The longtime California congressman’s husband was released from the hospital last week and is recovering at their San Francisco home.

DePape attacked Paul at Pelosi’s $6 million home in San Francisco, California last month — hitting him on the head with a hammer and asking “where’s Nancy?”

Pelosi, who has been in Congress since 1987, told CNN Monday that the attack on her husband will influence her decisions about her political future after Tuesday’s midterm elections.

She has not yet said whether she would retain her Democratic leadership role if her party loses control in the House following the results of the November 8 midterm elections.

Cooper asked Pelosi to confirm whether she has made a leadership decision, as there has been “a lot of discussion about whether you would retire if the Democrats lose the House.”

“The decision will be influenced by what happened in the past two weeks,” she said.

“Is your decision affected in any way by the attack?” printed the CNN anchor.

“Yes,” said Pelosi.

The attack landed Paul in ICU, where he recovered and was able to give his statement to several investigative arms, including the San Francisco Police Department, the Capitol Police, the FBI and the San Francisco Attorney General’s Office.

Sources familiar with the research claim that Mr. Pelosi has all cognitive functions.

At some point during the break-in and attack, Paul managed to get to a bathroom where he could call the police.

DePape listened in on the phone call and knew the police would come, according to FBI interrogators, but “explained that he didn’t leave after Pelosi’s call to 1-1 because, like the American founding fathers with the British, he fought tyranny without the possibility of surrender.’


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