NAB fraudster escapes prison for at least one week

The Crown alleged that Rosamond defrauded NAB of millions of dollars between 2013 and 2017 by billing Rogers for extravagant personal expenses and bribes. The total value of the charges was $15 million, the jury was told. Human Group had organized a number of events for the bank, including leadership retreats.

Rosemary Rogers, chief of staff to former NAB CEOs Cameron Clyne and Andrew Thorburn, was Rosamond’s wife on the inside. Rogers, a longtime trusted bank employee, was authorized to approve invoices worth up to $20 million.

The star witness in the Rosamond trial, Rogers was sent to jail in 2020 for a minimum of four years and nine months after pleading guilty to a series of crimes, including 27 counts of corruptly receiving a benefit from Rosamond. He received a discount for testifying against his former benefactor.

Rosamond’s bloated bills covered $228,747 for an interior designer to furnish her Potts Point terrace, nearly $100,000 in rent, $14,358 in catering for her posh 40th birthday, $372,611 to decorate her former marital home in Mosman and $86,413 for renovations. Thousands more were spent on a vacation in the United States, works of art, renovations on her catamaran and a car for family members.

The jury also found that he improperly withheld between $2.4 million and $4.9 million in unused NAB funds that were supposed to be spent on contract performance, and attempted to obtain an additional $3.3 million by issuing a fraudulent invoice to the bank.

The former NAB employee received a series of significant gifts totaling $5.6 million, including $1.5 million for a home, a $159,490 European vacation for six, a $620,000 American vacation for eight, including a private plane, a $29 vacation 377 Freycinet Resort in Tasmania, a $115,000 boat, and a $172,000 BMW.

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