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My sister called me “selfish” for denying her a date at my wedding. Now I want to uninvite her

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A bride has been criticized as

A bride has been criticised for being selfish and cruel after refusing to allow her sister to have a plus-one at her wedding.

Eleanor, 25, is getting married in December and sent out her wedding invitations six months before the ceremony.

She was planning a small wedding and didn’t want to include any strangers or people she didn’t know well, so she didn’t assign her sister a plus one.

“My sister has always been a guy person. She doesn’t have any female friends because she sees them as competition and she likes being friends with guys,” Eleanor explained on Reddit.

‘She only dates rich men and has never had a relationship that lasted more than two months; she always has a new guy on her arm.’

Eleanor was discussing the wedding with her mother and fiancé when the subject of her sister came up.

‘My mother commented that anyone my sister brought would be a fling since she wasn’t in a relationship. We didn’t want anyone my sister was only dating for a few weeks to attend the wedding, so she didn’t have a date.

‘My sister called me and told me it was unfair that I couldn’t bring someone. I told her I didn’t have the best track record with men and that my fiancé and I didn’t want some unknown person that no one would talk about to appear in our wedding photos.’

A bride has been slammed as “selfish” and “cruel” after refusing to allow her sister to attend her wedding.

However, Eleanor’s sister took the comment as a “challenge.”

‘She said I was selfish and that since our wedding was at the end of December, I had six months to find a boyfriend and it would be a serious relationship.

“I told her I highly doubt she’d find anyone, given her track record with the worst men in the world. She only dates rich men who think buying gifts is an excuse to cheat and lie.”

Her sister took the comments seriously and refused to accept her lack of a companion.

“She got angry, hung up, and said she was going to my wedding with a boyfriend of more than four months because she was going to find one. Would I be a jerk to consider uninviting her altogether?”

Thousands of people criticized Eleanor’s sister, calling her pretentious and childish.

“She’s already decided she has the right to ignore an invitation and go against the bride and groom’s wishes by bringing a plus one, so what else will she feel entitled to on the day?” one asked.

“The place is small and you don’t want strangers around. If no one has a date, just guests invited by name, that’s totally fair in a small space,” said another.

But not everyone saw his point of view.

“Objectively, it sucks not to allow a plus one. It would be weird to have a short-term boyfriend (or even a long-term one) in the wedding photos… just do them with the family! It seems like (Eleanor) is overreacting a bit and being really mean to her sister.”

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