My kid and I give Walmart+ an A+ for making shopping for school supplies fun with fast, free delivery

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Back to school shopping is an exciting rite of passage.  Thanks to Walmart's delivery service, my child was able to do it safely.  (Photo: Getty Images)

Back to school shopping is a rite of passage. Thanks to Walmart’s delivery service, my child was able to do it safely from home. (Photo: Getty Images)

When my growing sophomore received the principal’s list of school supplies last week, a wave of excitement overcame her. She screamed!

I screamed a little too. I’ve always loved school supplies – from the simplest pencil to the fanciest Trapper Keeper. I even had the privilege of driving the supply cart from class to class every morning with my BFF, pedaling No. 2, erasers and folders in yellow, red and blue.

But it’s not just about the necessities. Like many children, my daughter has not entered a class for a year and a half because of COVID. That’s a eternity in childhood. And she hasn’t shopped for school since she was five years old. The prospect of this shopping spree was exciting!

School will be different this year, sterile even (daily masks, constant sanitizer), so I’d like her school supplies to bring her joy. (“Joyful” is her design aesthetic.)

She craves a full back-to-school shopping experience, but since she’s too young to be vaxxed, we avoid indoor public areas for as long as possible. Instead, we signed up to

Not only is online shopping safer and easier, but if you sign up for Walmart+, you get everything delivered quickly and for free. You can get all your students’ needs—class supplies, fresh groceries, face masks—to your doorstep all year round (often within hours) at Walmart’s always low prices. And whatever you want of course!

Once you register, you get a risk-free trial period for 15 days (upgraded to 30 days if you answer a short survey with three questions). After that, you’ll be charged $13 per month or $98 per year – it’s up to you.

My daughter loved selecting her school supplies online. Check out all the awesomeness she found.

A playful map of the one and only Lisa Frank!  (Photo: Walmart)A playful map of the one and only Lisa Frank!  (Photo: Walmart)

A playful throwback brochure from the one and only Lisa Frank for only one dollar! (Photo: Walmart)

The child’s first choice was this glittering fantastic dolphin map. Excellent! We wouldn’t want all that summer magic to disappear at the first ring of the bell. Let’s relax in this new reality. A little daydreaming in class is healthy.

And no, you are not experiencing déjà vu. These colorful graphics are from the ’80s/’90s phenomenon Lisa Frank! We also love the cheetah and unicorn options. Each map has a sweet story about the characters. These “Dancing Dolphins” share a very special message: “Love makes every rainbow brighter.” Preach, dolphins!

Almost forgot, the folder is handy too: it has two pockets to organize papers plus three holes so you can click it directly into a folder.

Totes adorns.  (Photo: Walmart) Totes adorns.  (Photo: Walmart)

Totes adorns. (Photo: Walmart)

My daughter confided in me that she wants to step up her pencil box. After some critical browsing, she decided this koala can. She clicked it into the cart and within a few hours she had it in her hands, which amazed her a bit. She started filling it with treasure, but when I reminded her of the purpose, she quickly put it away for the big day.

Reminiscent of a vintage metal lunch box, this sturdy container is great for pencils and art supplies. It is lightweight with a sturdy buckle closure and measures 2.50 x 5.13 x 8.25 inches. Great find, kid!

Make your point, cute.  (Photo: Walmart)Make your point, cute.  (Photo: Walmart)

Make your point, cute. (Photo: Walmart)

Do you feel a theme here? Left to her own devices, my child will choose sweet animals. All. Day. Long. When my eyebrows started to raise, she reminded me that a… pencil sharpener that catches shavings is a required supply for second graders. “Cute” and “Electric” are just lucky bonuses. We went for it.

Both the black and pink versions are customizable – you can add or subtract ears and antlers. You can also adapt the sharpener to 6-8mm pencils. Safety features include skid pads on the bottom and an automatic shut-off feature. It requires two AA batteries (not included) and the blade is replaceable should it wear out over time.

I have never seen her sharpen pencils so much!

What is your favorite color highlighter?  (Photo: Walmart)What is your favorite color highlighter?  (Photo: Walmart)

What is your favorite highlighter color? (Photo: Walmart)

Highlighters were next on the supply list, and of course this color-loving kid wants every shade. She chose this pack of Sharpie Highlighters because Purple! Clearly.

We’re big Sharpie fans here, so I was happy to get this one. I’m intrigued by the “smear,” which comes in handy for overly avid highlight nerds like me who just can’t wait for their notes to dry. The chisel tip works great for narrow and wide lines.

At a dozen per pack, there are plenty to go around (10 for her, one for me, one for my husband). And they’re on sale – over 30 percent off.

Making a bet with my husband on how long it will take for her to use these as nail polish. I give her half an hour.

With you (Photo: Walmart)With you (Photo: Walmart)

Perhaps the most essential school supply of all. (Photo: Walmart)

It’s time for an extra bottle. She still loves her old standby, but has long been asking for a bottle with a straw (“like my friends have”). Since health, durability and longevity are important to me, I asked her to choose a stainless steel bottle. She has settled happily Contigo Kid’s 13-ounce Insulated Bottle, but choosing one of the 11 colorways took 15 minutes longer.

Thermalock’s vacuum insulation, which keeps drinks cold for up to 14 hours, was a major selling point for her. We drink room temperature water at home, but she has big plans to infuse her water (cucumber, strawberries, etc.), and she knows it tastes best cold.

I like the “spill-proof valve” (our sport caps leak) and she raves about the push-button top. The lid is dishwasher safe in the top rack, but the housing can only be washed by hand. Worth the effort.

Fresh fruit, for the apple of your eye.  (Photo: Walmart)Fresh fruit, for the apple of your eye.  (Photo: Walmart)

Fresh fruit, for the apple of your eye. (Photo: Walmart)

As far as snacks are concerned, fresh organic goodness is essential. It’s nice to know that we can count on Walmart+ for same-day delivery of whole foods and other groceries. The retailer has been stopping by for us for a while picnic, a spontaneous birthday party, a coffee emergency and more.

Sliced, diced, dipped or dried, Granny Smiths is her apple of choice. I like that they have less sugar than their red cousins ​​(9 grams vs. 19). And she’ll love that they’re labeled “Extra Fancy.”

Now, this list is not exhaustive. There are plenty of inexpensive supplies we grab too, such as: 25 cent school glue and colorful reusable masks (three for $4!), but the above items are my daughter’s special choices. The things she wants to bring to school. Because they is what this whole thing is really about.

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