Home Australia My friend came to my wedding as a surprise, had four pizzas and had sex with my sister; some people say he should cut him off, but others say I’m the idiot.

My friend came to my wedding as a surprise, had four pizzas and had sex with my sister; some people say he should cut him off, but others say I’m the idiot.

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A groom who was left in an awkward situation on his big day because of a guest

A groom who was left in an awkward situation on his big day due to a ‘surprise’ guest took to social media to find out if he was wrong to get upset.

The anonymous American man took to Reddit. Wedding Shame Forum yesterday to describe how a friend who said he couldn’t attend because he was traveling to Australia, decided to show up that day without warning.

Despite being upset, the groom managed to find space for the last-minute guest, but became even more upset when he drank 10 beers, complained about being hungry, and left with four of the free pizzas that had been served to the guests.

The last straw was when we seduced the boyfriend’s sister, who is in a vulnerable state, and then boasted on social media about having had sex with her.

Redditors were divided, with some claiming the friend was “completely out of character” and that the boyfriend should cut him off, while others accused him of overreacting and questioned why caterers couldn’t prepare some food for just one person. further.

My friend came to my wedding as a surprise had

A groom who was left in an awkward situation on his big day due to a “surprise” guest took to social media to find out if he was wrong to get upset (file image)

The groom began by explaining: ‘It was my wedding on the weekend and the last few months preparing everything have been very stressful.

‘My wife and I have been working full time and putting all the details into the wedding to make sure everything went smoothly.

“We sent out RSVPs months ago and ordered all the catering so everyone was accounted for.”

‘On Saturday we felt a huge relief because the day had arrived, everything was sorted and we could just relax. That was until the guests started arriving.

He revealed: “Everything was going well and suddenly a friend decided he would turn up.”

“Initially they invited him, but since he went on a trip to Australia he said he wouldn’t be able to attend. However, he had planned to surprise me that day.

‘I was furious when I saw his stupid smile expecting me to thank him for making the effort to come here. I greeted him and just smiled, but inside I was furious.

‘I got even angrier when he said, “Is that it?” “It was very uncomfortable and I did everything I could to keep it under control.”

The groom tried to forget about the unwanted visitor and instead tried to enjoy the important moment he had been waiting for so long, but he couldn’t help but get angrier as the day progressed.

He continued: ‘I was getting more p***** because I had to think about how we were going to look after him as it was too awkward to see him off.

‘I would have felt bad too, so it was a vicious circle. So I asked the best man to talk to the kitchen, who said they couldn’t serve him because they didn’t have the things and that it would also be expensive, but they said they could seat him.

‘I explained to him that he could sit down and he agreed. I was horrified to see that she managed to grab a plate and ask for leftovers at the table; There wasn’t even that much.

‘As the day went on, he kept pulling me aside and saying how good it was for him to have made it this far.

“I snapped and said that while I appreciate the gesture, it was very inconvenient.”

The Redditor recalled that his friend “went into a rage” and then heard that he was “sulking at one of the tables, waiting for people to come up to him.”

He admitted: “I obviously didn’t want him to ruin the day and I’d already had a few drinks so I went to talk to him for a bit as he’s a friend.”

“Everything went well, but he kept saying how hungry he was after drinking about 10 of the free beers we had paid for.

“At the end of the night, I saw him leave with about 4 boxes of free pizza that we had provided and I ended up going out and sleeping with my sister, who had just found out she had alopecia.”

To end the strange story, he added: “I saw that I had posted on Instagram earlier this week saying how great the surprise was and it didn’t even include any photos of me or my wife.”

‘He bragged about it being unlimited pizza and beer and put up a cryptic hashtag about how he criticized my sister #sistafisa.

“I sent him a private message and told him I was out of order and didn’t want to be his friend anymore and he said I was being ungrateful and overreacting.”

Within 24 hours, there were over 100 replies to the thread and people’s opinions were divided.

One user joked: ‘Wow. What a ride hahaha! It started with a very typical, rude guest and then BAM, he’s stealing pizza and fucking your sister. If I’m honest, I suffered a little whiplash.

A second asked: ‘He took 4 boxes of pizza?!’ And a third added: “He really wanted the day to be just for him didn’t he?” I think he was more upset because not much was done for him.

A fourth agreed: ‘You were not out of line or overreacting. It was completely out of character and cutting off that friendship will save you major headaches in the future.

However, many social media users found it strange that there was no way the caterer could allow an extra guest, as well as finding some of the details of the story strange.

Someone asked, ‘Wait, what does it have to do with your sister having alopecia?’

Another added: ‘What kind of catering doesn’t keep an extra plate of food? What happens if the waiter drops a plate? God forbid two. These overhead costs are usually included in the cost of the plates.’

Someone else responded in agreement and said: ‘Thank you! I stopped reading after this. I have never worked in a restaurant where they cooked exactly the right amount. There is always something left over just in case.


Do you think the boyfriend is wrong?

‘Sorry, I laughed. It’s just not very clear how her sister’s alopecia has anything to do with all this.

“I think you took it all a little seriously and ruined your day. It’s strange that there was enough for the guests who were there,” another Redditor added.

Someone else joked: “To be honest I would have just thanked him for coming and let it go.”

“It seems like this was living for free in OP’s head the entire wedding day and it’s still squatting.”

Another person insisted: ‘Honestly, you sound like an idiot. Your friend comes to your wedding to surprise you and you act like a jerk to him?

‘Oh! I would be disgusted if my friend treated me this way. The fact that there wasn’t a little extra food for ONE person is ridiculous.’

Meanwhile, someone else wrote: ‘A friend made this when we rented a resort for my husband’s big birthday.’ He showed up as a surprise and then asked me where his room was.

‘Luckily I was able to get some foam and some bedding, but he had to sleep on the floor.

“My husband was very happy to see it and it wasn’t a catering deal so it wasn’t as egregious as this.” Still, it’s strange the kind of accommodation people expect when you don’t even know they’re coming.’

Another Redditor reasoned: “It’s absolutely rude for a guest to show up after RSVPing, no, but this also happens all the time and any caterer worth their salt will prepare for this eventuality.”

“It’s crazy to me that it bothered you so much.”

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