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My Favorite Affordable Sheets Are On Discount Right Now

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Quince European Linen Striped Sheets

The sheets are not cheap. Well, the good ones aren’t. After spending the last year testing sheets at prices ranging from $100 to $500 for our guide to the best sheets, I can confirm that if you want sheets that will last over time and are made with better materials than rayon and microfiber , you may have to shell out between $150 and $300. Crazy, right? But like everything else, once you invest in good things, you realize that it’s worth spending a little more. Especially since you spend at least six hours a day in the sheets (when my doctor asks me, I say eight hours).

Quince makes several of our favorite high-quality sheets and pillowcases that don’t cost a lot of money. Their European bedding is better priced than what you’ll find almost anywhere else and is also softer than cheaper bedding. I also love Quince’s silk pillowcase, which is a better weight and price than you’ll find elsewhere.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get these great sheets for an even cheaper price than usual. Quince’s deal is for today only starting at 8am ET, so don’t sleep on them: buy these sheets and sleep on them.

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Offers on sheet sets for fifteen-year-olds

Photography: Quince

Quince makes our favorite affordable linen sheet set, full stop. Many other linen sheets we like cost between $300 and over $400, but Quince’s linen is priced much lower, usually just $170. These sheets are softer than other types of linen we test, but they are a little warmer than other types of linen. Still, you should be pretty comfortable unless you are a very hot sleeper. Fifteen also has a bamboo linen sheet set ($150) We like it, but unfortunately it is not for sale.

Former WIRED reviewer Haley Sprankle raved that these sheets are the perfect combination of lightness and sumptuousness. WIRED reviewer Medea Giordano liked them too, and she generally doesn’t like sleeping on satin sheets. These sheets weren’t too warm either, which can be a problem with sateen’s three-over-one weave pattern, which gives it its silky texture. We tried the exclusive set, but the Quince bordered version is on sale and adds a light blue, gray, or black border to the sheets.

Photography: Quince

Quince’s bamboo sheets are lovely to sleep on. They are cool without being icy and they warm up as you lie on them without being too hot. Bamboo is known to be a little cooler than other materials and these sheets have a nice weight to them without feeling like there is no airflow. Quince’s bamboo sheets use a satin weave pattern, making them silky but not as airy as other sheets. These sheets come in many gorgeous colors and are made with bamboo viscose.

Offers on pillowcases for quinceañeras

Photography: Nena Farrell

You might be thinking: eight dollars off? That’s not very exciting. But you are wrong! Silk is measured by momma, which is the weight of the silk, rather than the thread count. Quince’s silk pillowcase is 22 momme, which puts it in the mid-range, as silk pillowcases are typically found between 19 and 25 momme. But other silk pillowcases I tried that were only 19 months old cost more than Quince or charged the same amount. So you get a better weight for less money than the worst silk pillowcases. Silk pillowcases didn’t solve all of my hair problems, but they are great for helping my hair and skin retain moisture overnight.

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