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My daily horoscope: What will April 3 bring for my star sign? Oscar Kayner says it all


This weekend’s Venus-Mars conjunction brought an extra sprinkle of passionate spice to the heavenly mix. But while spices make life taste more appetizing, they need to be added in the right mix.

When Mercury enters earthy Taurus today, it brings a more practical mindset. As the pink moon approaches, the cosmos offers the perfect conditions. These spices can turn a boring menu into an enticing spread.


March 21 – April 20

If you want to cross the ocean, you have several options. You can go by boat (and windsurfing). Or take a submarine (and slide under it). It’s not a good idea to put on a swimsuit and make your own way. Or try a stand-up paddle board and hope the conditions remain favorable. A recent event, which may have left you feeling a little shipwrecked, may have found a solution. A metaphorical lifeboat is on its way. You need to pay attention to that – instead of striking out on your own, in a new direction. Capture the powerful energy of the starry sky positively.

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the Bull

April 21 – May 21

Why do the people we love the most get under our skin more than anyone else? It is easy to show the generosity of a saint to strangers. Because we don’t know them, they have little impact on our lives. And we feel the warm glow of doing something nice for someone — without ever finding out who that person is, or wondering what they would do with that kindness. You think about whether it would be easier if you knew a certain person less well. Today comes a reminder of what makes them so special. A blue solar eclipse brings the potential for positive change.

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When Mercury enters earthy Taurus today, it brings a more practical mindset. As the pink moon approaches, the cosmos offers the perfect conditions


May 22 – June 22

You are dealing with “circumstances beyond your control”. You had to be at your adaptive best. Now, when your ruler Mercury enters a new celestial house, you will see that these adjustments have been a blessing in disguise. Although a difficult situation may still be confusing, when you know what needs changing, you will find it easier to adjust your response. Do what you can to make yourself comfortable. But don’t try to stop the trip. The destination is worth it. achieve your dreams!

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June 23 – July 23

Brain surgeons and neuroscientists may be smart. . . But you don’t know everything. When people have knowledge that we lack, we tend to give them more brain power than we do. You may not find the perfect solution today, but that doesn’t mean you’re not on the right track. It continues to advance. When Mercury (intelligence) enters a new heavenly house, keep asking what you are asking. And when you have to choose between your instincts and someone’s “experience,” follow your gut. He’s strong now. A blue solar eclipse creates positive opportunities.

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July 24 – August 23

They say “there is no such thing as a brief life, only a life of perfect time”. It is not easy to take a stand. However, there is wisdom in this saying that can be applied to any seemingly bad situation. If we don’t see the magic, and accept that what happened happened for a reason, we become bitter. Your attitude has the power to turn a difficult situation into a promising one. If you see what unfolds as positive, you will be free from the problem. Take advantage of the inspiring cosmic climate of April.

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August 24 – September 23

Magicians and deceivers do not always see eye to eye with fortune-tellers. Since they know how to work a “trick” so that something that seems impossible becomes possible, they tend to be suspicious of anything that seems supernatural. You are entitled to be sarcastic about the magical possibility that is happening in your life today. But I will remain open minded. There is a real chance of an unexpected and unimaginably beneficial development. If the universe wants to restore your faith in magic, why would you reject it? In a month filled with cosmic creativity, you can change your life.

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September 24 – October 23

We may not have the same musical tastes, but I think we can agree that awful records sometimes reach the top of the charts. And think of all the box office record-breaking movies you don’t want to see. So much for popular taste! Also much to keep up with what other people think. More often than not, we must challenge tradition. And sometimes, we have to respect our feelings, even if others don’t agree with them. Do not bow to opinion today. follow your heart. Strong changes are possible in April. The Blue Solar Eclipse brings cosmic gifts.

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My daily horoscope: What will April 3 bring for my star sign?  Oscar Kayner says it all

My daily horoscope: What will April 3 bring for my star sign? Oscar Kayner says it all

the scorpion

October 24 – November 22

Pressure cookers are safe and effective pieces of kitchen equipment. . . If used correctly. If you fail to adjust the valve, the steam will have nowhere to go. Then, as the temperature rises, an explosion is inevitable. If you are careful, and don’t let the heat get to you, like you handle a pressure cooker, your current situation can be resolved accurately and efficiently. Opportunities have an inherent sense of nervousness. As you prepare to take the lid off the situation today, know that something delicious is waiting for you. This month carries heavenly inspiration; Take advantage of it and change your life!

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November 23 – December 21

We have a lot of superheroes because our planet needs a lot of saving. From Spider-Man to Wonder Woman, Invisible Girl to Superman, we need a lot of help. The inhabitants of the planet Earth are prone to accidents. Disaster magnet. We are forever grappling with yet another crisis. It’s a good job. You’re here to help! You want to come save the day, right? Your superpowers are amplified. Use them as effectively as possible. A miracle is possible!

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December 22 – January 20

‘The lady has too many protests.’ This is not a saying we use nowadays. It’s very sexist. I only mention this because it would be wise to avoid huffing and puffing. Sometimes strong denial is less successful than feigning indifference. Try, if you can, to play it cool. If you can establish how the person you’re trying to persuade will benefit from following your advice, you’ll find that everything starts to fall apart. A carrot will work much better than a stick. You have a lot to look forward to in April.

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January 21 – February 19

It’s easy to relax when everything is running smoothly. But it only takes one disturbing thought to ruin a beautiful atmosphere. An embarrassing affair, an uncomfortable memory, an unsettling worry. . . Suddenly even the perfect situation seems less idyllic. However, it is impossible to put yourself in a position where there is no risk of such interference. Big or small, you can get through any disruptions of the day. It is important to allow yourself to relax.

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February 20 – March 20

There are times when despair wins the day. After we’ve given our all to a job, or to someone, when we get no response, it’s only natural to think we’ve wasted our time. We sow despair. Why bother. We might as well throw in the towel. Our reserves are depleted, pessimism prevails, and we struggle to figure out reasons to be hopeful. But, having reached such a state of mind, the only way out is to go up. Despite the lack of positivity, the day reminds us of the wonders of life on planet Earth. Here comes the motivation to be happy.

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