‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ star Whitney Way Thore responds to negative comments about her relationship: ‘I deserve to be loved’

Whitney Way Thore responds to negative comments about her relationship. (Photo: Getty Images)

Whitney Way Thore sets the record straight with Instagram trolls saying her boyfriend is “embarrassed” to be with her, while the reality TV star posts a series of photos blocking her partner’s face.

“I wish I could put this relationship into words, but honestly it’s all been a blur,” says the star of… My big fat fantastic life caption a after on Tuesday evening. “No, but really, the amount of comments and DMs and tweets I’ve gotten from viewers assuring me that this guy is ashamed of me and doesn’t care about me is confusing.”

The post comes after a series of photos Thore posted documenting her recent trip to Paris, where she spent six weeks on vacation with her French boyfriend. In those posts, Thore mentioned that the man “values ​​his privacyWhich is why she clouded his face with haze or bubbles in photos. Still, she assures, he’s not ashamed of their relationship, but rather the unwanted attention he can get from being put in the spotlight.

“I’ve just spent six weeks with him in the most visited country in the world, and as you can see we’re clearly out in public at one of the world’s biggest tourist attractions… millions of people around the world, he must ashamed of me?” Thor wrote. “There’s a big difference between being with someone in public or choosing to show your identity on the Internet and TV so people can tell them apart. If he ever questioned his decision to be anonymous in these arenas, confirm comments like this just it.”

Thore revealed the brutal nature of the hate comments by including screenshots of some of them in the slideshow. “He’s clearly not interested in you. You look so embarrassing it makes me laugh. I hope you see yourself and make some changes,” the comment read. Another commenter wrote: “Another made-up story about a handsome man flirting with a 300-pound woman. Just like last season. Get real.”

While Thore is currently promoting the upcoming season of her TLC show, she highlighted how little the public knows about the reality of her relationships and how many serious relationships she’s had.

“Can’t you make someone happy?” she wrote. I’ve been in 8 serious relationships – the “public” has only seen 3 (I had 30 years of TV life, imagine!)

Most importantly, she ensured her self-esteem, as well as the worth of anyone who might fear love and relationships because of their size.

“I also have no doubt that I am deeply and deeply loved and most importantly, I know that I deserve to be loved,” her caption continued. “If you feel like you can’t be loved because of your size or for any other reason, please don’t project that onto me – because I’m trying to enjoy myself and this person here and what we have together. “

Thore fans jumped into the comment section to share their love and support. Many also encouraged her to ignore the haters.

“These comments break my heart. Those people must be hurting themselves deeply to say such disgusting, inhuman things,” wrote one person. “You will continue to shine like the bright, beautiful light that you are!”

Another commented: “I think the fact that he doesn’t want to be on TV makes him even more authentic! He wants to keep your relationship out of the spotlight and that’s a good thing!! Love seeing you so happy !! You deserve it!!”

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