Musk boots KanyeWest off Twitter for the swastika Star of David Post

Recent comments from West, now known as Ye, have cost him business deals and led to his suspension from social media platforms.

Twitter has suspended rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, after he tweeted a picture of a swastika merged with the Star of David.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk confirmed the suspension by responding to Ye’s post with an unflattering photo of Musk. Ye called it his “last tweet”.

“I did my best,” Musk tweeted. “Despite this, he again violated our rule against incitement to violence. Account is suspended.”

Ye has made a series of anti-Jewish remarks in recent weeks. On Thursday, Ye praised Hitler in an interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. “I love Hitler,” he said several times.

Ye’s comments have led to him being suspended from social media platforms, his talent agency dropping him, and companies like Adidas cutting their business ties. The sportswear manufacturer has also launched an investigation into its behavior.

The former titan of fashion and music shared a photo of a shirtless Musk being sprayed with water, captioning, “Let’s always remember this as my last tweet.”

Musk said in response, “Just to clarify that his account is being suspended for inciting violence, no unflattering photo of me.”

‘free speech absolutist’

Musk is under pressure to clean up Twitter after changes he made after purchasing the platform led to what watchdog groups say is an increase in racist, anti-Semitic and other toxic comments.

A top European Union official warned Musk this week that Twitter needs to do much more to protect users from hate speech, misinformation and other harmful content before strict new rules come into effect. They are demanding tech companies better guard their platforms under threat of heavy fines or even a ban in the bloc of 27 countries.

Musk, who previously called himself a “free speech absolutist,” has repeatedly said he believes all legally permissible content should be allowed on Twitter. He has attempted to reshape the social media organization after taking charge in October.

Since acquiring the platform, Musk has cut about half of Twitter’s workforce, including many employees fighting disinformation, while an unknown number of others have quit.

The company has also begun restoring about 62,000 banned accounts in what is internally dubbed “the Big Bang,” according to the Platformer news blog.

Purchase of Parler failed

You had plans to give Musk some competition by offering to buy right-wing social media site Parler in October, but the company said this week that the deal fell through.

Parler is a small platform in the emerging space of far-right and libertarian social apps that promise little to no content moderation to root out hate speech, racism, misinformation, and other offensive content. None of the sites have come close to mainstream status.

Parler launched in 2018, but was taken offline in January 2021 due to its ties to the deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol that month.

A month after the attack, Parler announced a relaunch, but did not return to Google Play until September this year.

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