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Musiala speaks up after Zoff with Streich


National player Jamal Musiala from FC Bayern and coach Christian Streich from SC Freiburg spoke out after their small dispute after the quarter-finals of the cup (1: 2).

As a small reparation, Musiala Streich promised a jersey for the league game on Saturday (3:30 p.m. / Sky) in Freiburg.

“Anyone who knows me knows how sad and in the tunnel I was at that moment, jersey will be available on Saturday as promised,” Musiala wrote on Instagram on Wednesday.

The 20-year-old caused the hand penalty to Freiburg’s victory in injury time. Streich wanted to comfort the offensive jewel after the final whistle, but the visibly disappointed Musiala refused to shake hands and left the SC coach standing.

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