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Murderers who forced drug dealers into a toolbox before they were killed are jailed

Murderer who tortured two drug dealers before forcing them into a toolbox dumped in a creek is jailed for 13 years

  • Tepuna Tupuna Mariri pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of two drug dealers
  • He admitted that he had tortured Cory Breton (28) and Iuliana Triscaru (31) in Brisbane
  • Pair died after being forced into a toolbox and drowned in a creek

Tepuna Tupuna Mariri, 29, pleaded guilty to manslaughter

Tepuna Tupuna Mariri, 29, pleaded guilty to manslaughter

A New Zealand man who helped force two drug dealers into a tool box dumped into a creek in Queensland, killing them, will spend at least ten years in prison.

Tepuna Tupuna Mariri, 29, pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Cory Breton, 28, and Iuliana Triscaru, 31, south of Brisbane in 2016.

He also admitted to torturing the couple after they were lured to their home on January 24 in an apartment complex in Kingston.

Mister Breton and Mrs. Triscaru’s decomposing bodies were found 18 days later when police pulled the large metal toolbox from Scrubby Creek.

The duo had been punched with a metal pole before being pushed into the toolbox at the knife tip and dumped into the waterway next to the Logan highway.

Mariri helped torture Mr. Breton and Mrs. Triscaru before they were murdered, the Brisbane Supreme Court was told on Thursday.

“The ordeal lasted many hours,” said Judge David Boddice.

“The torture was persistent and cruel.”

Mr. Breton and Mrs. Triscaru were tied up and abused.

Cory Breton

Cory Breton

Iuliana Triscaru

Iuliana Triscaru

Cory Breton (photo left) and Iuliana Triscaru (right) drowned in a large metal chest found on February 11, 201 in Scrubby Creek, south of Brisbane.

“Screams of pain kept nobody from quitting,” said Judge Boddice.

Your behavior is well described as cold, continuous and insensitive. You showed no respect for both victims as people. ‘

Later, Mariri helped his fellow suspect, a group of school friends, put the pair into the box. He also sat on the toolbox to prevent the duo from trying to escape.

When they cried out, he closed the windows of his house so that their excruciating screams for help would not be heard by neighbors, Judge Boddice said.

He also distracted the spectators who were concerned about the banging coming from the toolbox while it was being loaded onto the back of a device outside the unit.

After the pair were expelled to their deaths, Mariri led the blood cleanup to the apartment, but he was not at the creek when they drowned.

“What you have done to my beautiful girl has opened my eyes to the worst evil and makes my skin crawl,” said Triscaru’s mother Victoria Duga in a victim impact read to the court.

Mr. Breton and Mrs. Triscaru’s decomposing bodies were found 18 days later when police pulled the large metal toolbox from Scrubby Creek

“What kind of mind is able to think it’s okay to do something like that to another human?”

“It must be very cruel and depraved.”

Mister Breton’s former partner, Miranda Parkinson, told the court that their daughter, Sienna, constantly asked questions about how and why her father died.

“How do you tell a three-year-old that they will never be able to see their father again,” she asked in her victim impact.

“We have to tell her the truth.

‘It is difficult. Every day is difficult. ‘

Justice Boddice sentenced Mariri to 13 years in prison. He is eligible for parole after serving 80 percent of the sentence.

Mariri is likely to be deported after completing his prison sentence.

Tuhirangi-Thomas Tahiata was sentenced to life in prison in February for the murders.