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Munich’s “Nagging Questions” are Answered


An eight-strong international commission is tasked with investigating the assassination attempt on the Israeli team during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich.

Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser set up the commission, which, according to the BMI announcement, will carry out “a comprehensive scientific presentation and evaluation of the events”.

“The assassination left deep wounds. It is shameful that nagging questions have remained unanswered for far too long,” said Faeser, “there was a lack of clarification, processing, transparency and the assumption of responsibility for far too long dealing with the relatives after the assassination and questions of the culture of remembrance are also comprehensively examined.”

Eleven Israeli athletes, coaches and referees were killed in the attack. Ankie Spitzer from the circle of the victims’ relatives welcomed “that our wish to make the archives accessible and to set up a commission of historians has been granted. Hopefully the investigation will contribute to historical justice.”

In August last year, Germany had agreed on compensation payments with the bereaved. 28 million euros should be paid.

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