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Mum with gym membership slams woman for taking too long on machine and says she has kids at home


Scandalous moment ‘entitled’ mother tries to kick young woman off a machine at the gym: ‘I don’t pay a membership to wait’

  • A young woman was scolded at her gym by a ‘Karen’
  • A mom demanded she get off the shoulder press machine

A young gym-goer is horrified after a mother rudely tried to kick her off the machine she was using.

Mikaela Laws was doing sets on a shoulder press machine when a fellow gym member interrupted to ask how much longer she would be working on the equipment.

She demanded that Mikaela leave the machine because she “pays a membership” and needs to go home to her children – leading thousands to dismiss the mother as “entitled,” “embarrassing,” and a “Karen.”

Mikaela, who is from Utah in the US, joked that she will “never go to a public gym again” after the tense confrontation.

The 21-year-old was training when the woman approached her and asked how many sets she had left, to which Mikaela replied that she had two.

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Gymgoer Mikaela Law (pictured) has shared a tense conversation with a ‘righteous’ mother who demanded she leave the machine the 21-year-old was using

The woman said it was 'annoying' that the 21-year-old used the shoulder press and asked her to leave because she 'pays for a membership' and has to go home for her children

The woman said it was ‘annoying’ that the 21-year-old used the shoulder press and asked her to leave because she ‘pays for a membership’ and has to go home for her children

“Literally a minute later,” the mother came back to Mikaela and berated her.

“I’ll be honest, you’ve been on this machine forever now, I’ve been waiting,” the woman said before Mikaela assured her it wouldn’t be long.

“It’s just really annoying because I’m paying for a membership here and I’ve been waiting like all the time I’ve been here,” the mother complained before calling Mikaela’s actions “annoying.”

‘I don’t have much time, I have children at home. All I have to do is jump on this machine and get it done. Can you please just get out so I can have it?’

Mikaela promised the woman that she would only be “30 seconds longer” and that the machine would be free.

“Okay, whatever,” the mother said before walking away.

Mikaela placed the exchange in a video to TikTok, which quickly racked up more than 4.2 million views and thousands of stunned comments.

“As if you don’t also pay for your membership – THE AUDACITYYYY,” a woman laughed.

“Honey, put the headphones back on. Karen can vent her misplaced anger elsewhere,’ another chimed in.


Was the gym mom being unreasonable?

“I’m about to go to reception,” okay, they’re going to tell you to wait your turn,” a third commented.

Some said the “entitled” mother could have used other equipment instead of the shoulder press.

“She could use free weights and squeeze her shoulder in… like I never would!” wrote one gym junkie.

“LMFAO like a girl, get on another machine for God’s sake. So embarrassing for her to act like this,’ another replied.

Others praised Mikaela for being polite to the “rude” mother and joked that they would refuse to let her on the machine.

“I’d have shoulders of steel because I wouldn’t get off that machine until she left that gym,” one joked.

“I wouldn’t get off that goddamn machine if my life depended on it after that,” another agreed.

“WHY were you so nice to her?!?! I literally would have run off,” a third asked.

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