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Mum ‘got drunk on a school mum’s trip and ruined everything’ after revealing affair

Woman who ‘got drunk on mothers’ journey and told them about secret affair’ is now a social outcast at school gates – and even her young son has lost friends

  • Melbourne mother got drunk and made a big mistake on ‘school moms’ trip’
  • She told her friend that she had seen her husband holding hands with another man
  • The wife defended her husband and the group rejected their old friend
  • Her son was also rejected by his school friends because of her mistake

A well-meaning mother is now living as the school’s villain after she got drunk and revealed that one of the fathers in her son’s class was having an affair.

The Melbourne woman claims that on a trip to Sydney last year with her “mother friends” she “blew everything up” with her drunken outburst during sports matches and was tucked away at the school gate.

Speak with children’s spot the devastated woman said her son suffered most from the fallout — having his friends encouraged not to talk to him, inviting him to their birthday parties or offering to hang out after school.

A woman has revealed how she made a big mistake after getting drunk with her ‘school mom friends’ (stock image)

She explained that she had seen her boyfriend’s husband “holding hands” with another woman before leaving for Sydney for the trip with the school mothers.

“I was devastated by my boyfriend, who is a mother of three, and gives all of herself to her family,” she said, noting that although she only held hands, she “knows romance” when she sees it.

Her first instinct was to keep the flirtation a secret, knowing it would crush her boyfriend, but after the group got drunk, her “determination” changed.

She “spoken” what she had seen and revealed the whole dirty secret to three of the other mothers.

The atmosphere immediately turned sour: the other mothers called her ridiculous and her friend fiercely defended her husband.

‘I looked at my friend and told her the time, the place and described the woman. When I finished talking I knew I had done the wrong thing because everyone was shocked.”

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She said her friends ignored her at the bar for the rest of the night.

The woman was beaten by her peers after she revealed that her boyfriend’s husband was having an affair (stock image)

On the way back to the hotel, one pushed past her and declared ‘that was a stupid thing to do’ before rushing to overtake the others.

Riddled with guilt and anxiety, the mother decided to go home early and text the group to apologize for her drunken mouth-to-mouth moment.

When she checked her phone a few hours later, she realized she had been removed from the group chat.


What should the mother have done?

  • Kept what she saw to herself 2 votes
  • Told her friend privately 5 votes
  • She did the right thing 0 votes

But what came next was much worse.

Her son was in the midst of the fallout—suddenly given the cold shoulder by kids he’d been with for seven years.

The mother said she feels terrible for putting her son in a position of pain and confusion, but she has not been able to admit her mistake.

Instead, she told the younger friendships come and go.

The mom said it’s been a year since she “got drunk and ruined everything.”

She says her former boyfriend is still with her cheating husband.


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