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Multiple people injured in West Village stabbing: NYPD ‘arrest suspect in gold chain’ after morning attack


Multiple people injured in West Village stabbing: NYPD ‘arrest suspect in gold chain’ after morning attack

  • NYPD confirms attack on ‘multiple victims’ in Manhattan’s West Village
  • DailyMail.com understands a suspect has been arrested  

Multiple people have been injured in a stabbing in New York City’s West Village this  morning. 

DailyMail.com understands that a suspect has been arrested but no other information has yet emerged. 

The attack took place near the famous Magnolia Bakery. It’s unclear how many were stabbed and what their conditions are. 

The suspect was initially described by witnesses as an African American male in a navy shirt wearing a gold chain. 

Police are yet to confirm that description but an NYPD spokesman confirmed an arrest, and that there were multiple victims. 

The incident is said to have occurred near West 11th Street and Bleecker Street 

Witness Eli Klein, 45, was walking down the street with his wife and baby daughter when he says he saw the attack. 

He says he heard the suspect yell ‘I’m going to get you!’ and scream the N-word. He could not tell whether or not the suspect and the victim, who was also a man, knew each other. 

Klein, who owns an art gallery in the neighborhood, says he turned around and ran with his baby and his wife. 

‘I just saw the attack and then, because I am with my baby and wife, we just scurried away right. It happened so close – it was 10, 15ft away – and we were on the same side of the sidewalk.

‘Normally I would stop to help the guy or take a picture of the suspect and give it to the police but in this instance, I had my baby with me, we just ran, we didn’t wait,’ he told DailyMail.com. 

Klein, who has lived in New York his whole life, said crime was becoming more of a problem recently than in years past. 

‘We’ve seen a steady decrease since whenever it was, decades ago, but unfortunately the decrease has stopped. 

‘It’s not like it was in the 1980s or the early 90s, when it was much worse than this, but you want things to keep getting better and the improvement, the overall trajectory, has stopped. 

‘It’s unfortunate and it is scary. It is heading in the wrong direction,’ he said. 

The West Village is one of Manhattan’s most expensive and exclusive neighborhoods and is home to countless celebrities and millionaires. 

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