Multiple casualties and people being held hostage in booby-trapped house in Boulder, Colorado

BREAKING NEWS – At least four people are confirmed dead and many more held hostage in a booby trapped house in Boulder, Colorado. A gunman has barricaded the door.

  • A house in Boulder, Colorado was the center of a hostage situation Monday night
  • Incident involving an active shooter at the intersection Iris Ave. and Broadway
  • Police confirmed that a man was enforcing hostage situations inside the house by securing himself inside.

Boulder Police say that a man took five hostages and has now barricaded his self inside a home. 

According to a Twitter post from the Boulder Police Department, it was “very active” at 10:01 PM on Monday.

The intersection of Broadway and Iris Avenue is where the home is believed to be boobytrapped.

One local news outlet Fox 3According to one report, up to four people had been killed. However, the report was not confirmed.

Boulder Police did not immediately release any additional information, but they said that the department would soon share more details.

This is a still developing story. There will be more. 

Boulder Police say that a man had barricaded his self inside a house. The scene was described as’very active’ by officers on Monday night.

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