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Moving House – Tips to Make Things Easier!

Most people dread the time when they need to move. It is a lot of work, a lot to think about leading up to the move, a lot to think about around the move, a lot of physical work and there is that uncertainty that can make things more stressful. While a lucky few might move only once or twice in their lives, some move every few years. As well as the time and work, there is also the cost to consider. Even if you try to do a lot yourself there are materials to buy and preparations to make. But the fact is to take some of the work and stress from your shoulders it makes sense to find trustworthy Perth removals experts, you will discover if you compare moving yourself and having expert help, that the latter is well worth the investment! Here are some more tips to help make it easier.

Moving house advice

  1. Create yourself a checklist – With a checklist, you can make sure you remember everything and then a lot of the stress is lifted. Notify everyone who needs telling and check off each thing as it is done.  
  2. Clear out what you no longer need – This is a great chance to sort out your belongings, give away or sell things you no longer need or recycle or throw out things that no one else wants. If you have not worn it, looked at it or used it in a year then consider whether it is worth packing and moving.   
  3. Start packing early things you do not need – If you have items in a room you do not need in the months prior to the move you can pack those things away. Spare towels and blankets, books, things you might have stored away, and so on.
  4. Gather plenty of packing materials – It is easy to underestimate the packing materials you will need. You will need boxes, and in various sizes and you will also need tape, markers, bubble wrap, newspapers, and special containers if you have anything specific and different you need to move. Of course, should you choose to hire trustworthy Perth removals you could opt for a deal that includes packing materials, and even have them come and do the packing for you! They can handle the lifting, the hard-to-move items, and all the boxes at the other end of the move.   
  5. Think about what you are packing – It is easy to overpack boxes when you are packing heavy items like books. Make sure you put such items in smaller boxes so they are not too hard to lift. Also, make sure the boxes are thicker or stronger as they can break easily. Label every box clearly and have your trustworthy Perth removals transport them for you. Make sure the valuables are packed safely too. It is also a good idea to have one box or suitcase that you keep with you that has everything you need for the last day or two at your old place and for the first couple of days at the new place. A book, some clothes, sleepwear, a water bottle, and so on. 

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