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Movies Anywhere is the latest service to add a viewing party feature

Movies Anywhere introduces a new ‘Watch Together’ viewing party feature for its movie vault apps, allowing multiple users to sync and enjoy a movie together.

While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has seen the number of streaming service party apps (both third-party and official) increase, the version of Movies Anywhere differs in that it allows you to watch movies that you have purchased, rather than being limited to the streaming catalogs for which you have subscriptions (something that can change from day to day). Additionally, Movies Anywhere’s Watch Together feature works on both the mobile and desktop apps, which is rare for most viewer party services.

Setup is simple: the host sends a six-digit invitation code, which guests can use to enter the page for the movie in question in the Movies Anywhere app. There are no chat features or video conference overlays, just simple emoji responses and the ability to ask the host to pause or rewind.

There are, of course, a few caveats: Anyone wishing to participate should have access to the movie on Movies Anywhere, meaning everyone should already own the movie in question or borrow a copy with the company’s Screen Pass feature. In addition, the film should be on Movies Anywhere, where films by Lionsgate, MGM and Paramount are still missing, along with other smaller studios.

Watch Together supports up to ten viewers at a time, although it will be difficult to reach that number, as Movies Anywhere requires everyone to own a copy and you can only lend three copies of a movie with Screen Pass at a time. The new feature is now available through both the Movies Anywhere website and apps.