Motorola can add flashy Moto E6 Play to its budget setup, according to leaked renders

Motorola & # 39; s Moto E6 line is all about compromises for affordability. As a budget Android device, you sacrifice high-quality functions, build quality and often aesthetics for something cheap and functional. But according to new views taken over by German website Mobile buying, the E6 line may get a slick visual update in the form of a real E6 Play variant of the phone.


The $ 149 standard E6 came out this summer as a cheap Android phone at the cheaper end, just below the Moto G7 Play. But unlike last year's E5, which came in a standard E5 and then Play and Plus variants, the E6 was the only model available addition of the E6 Plus in September, which was only made available to European and South American customers.

Statue: Mobile buying

Now these views suggest that the E6 line still gets the Play version. As indicated by Android Central, the renders show what an 18: 9 aspect ratio appears to be for the screen, as well as a Micro USB charging port and a 3.5 mm headphone jack, which would distinguish it from the E6 Plus. Android Central also notes the placement of the camera and the lack of the Plus lens system with two lenses as further proof that this is most likely the Play version of the E6.

Anyway, this device looks like it is way above its weight in design, with glossy backs in both black and a pretty nice teal. You can do much worse for a budget phone.