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Mother, 47, is accused of injecting her daughter with URINE

“High number” of insects are found in the blood of a nine-year-old girl whose mother, 47, reportedly injected her daughter with URINE

  • A Newcastle mother, 47, has been accused of injecting her daughter, 9, with urine
  • Westmead Hospital staff found a “large number” of insects in the girl’s blood tests
  • The tests from 2015 showed that the organisms ‘probably came from outside’
  • Newcastle Court heard evidence of a child allergy on Wednesday

In the hours after her mother would have injected her with urine, hospital staff found a “high number” of insects in a nine-year-old blood test, an NSW court said.

The mother, 47, denies the use of urine to endanger the life of her young daughter in March 2015 while she was at the Westmead Children’s Hospital in Sydney.

Her trial in Newcastle District Court was told that no irregular microorganisms were found in blood taken from the immune-deficient girl on March 11.

A mother (photo), 47, has been accused of having injected her daughter, 9, with urine in March 2015

A mother (photo), 47, has been accused of having injected her daughter, 9, with urine in March 2015

But the next blood test, which was done early on March 12, soon showed that her body was fighting against a large amount of insects.

“Those microorganisms probably came in from outside,” child allergist and immunologist Dr. Melanie Wong told the court on Wednesday.

“The number was very high.

‘The reason I say that is that when there are only a small number, it can take quite a long time before (the blood cultures) come back.

“In this case, we discovered that insects only literally grew for hours, about six hours after they were incubated.”

The girl, born in 2005, had a genetic disorder with a related immunodeficiency and was regularly hospitalized from the age of two.

In March 2015, days after leaving a hospital in Newcastle, she returned with acute kidney failure and was quickly transferred to Westmead.

Dr. Wong said that blood samples taken on March 12 also showed levels of waste products urea and creatinine.

“(It) was not typical and may have been consistent with the introduction of urine into the body … via the line,” she said.

Children’s allist and immunologist Dr. Melanie Wong (photo) told the court on Wednesday that blood tests showed that microorganisms “probably came in from outside”

“The potential was a kidney problem, but (the peak of the waste product) was very sudden and then dropped very quickly.”

The mother, a former nurse whose identity is suppressed to protect her daughter, is also accused of the illegal use of laxatives on her girl in 2014.

She shook her head occasionally during Dr. Evidence. Wong.

The girl, now 14, was placed in foster care shortly after the alleged urine incident and has since been “dramatically” improved, including many weaned drugs, the court told.

The process continues.