Most Enjoyable Video Game Platforms of All Time

Are you one of those video game aficionado who has a genuine passion for gaming on your system? It seems easy deciding at first, but you’ll find yourself struggling later on when you’re put into crossed roads. A judgment between which consoles because of a specific game that you’ve been dreaming of, or between handheld systems for the ergonomics and gameplay.

Well, we’re here to give you the best video game platforms that would eventually help you with your final decision. The list ranges from the latest cutting edge technology with all the fancy gaming specs to an old classic console that has that nostalgic feeling to bring you back and allow you to relive your favorite childhood memories.


The Xbox gaming console was Microsoft’s debut into the console market, with the financial support that Microsoft offers, the console was sure to be one of the tops. With popular online games such as Halo and Fable, the Xbox had its fair share in dedicated gamers, which gave it the reputation that it currently has.

PlayStation 3

Despite the lacking strength that the PS3 had during its launch, its turn-around event with the use of Blu-rays allowed this console to stand out from the other already existing consoles. With its reliable, speedy function and graphics, this console heralded the success of Sony with their following release of the PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4

Unlike the weak launch of the PS3, Sony planned and prioritized the games that they would allow for gameplay on the PS4 that allowed this console to grasp its place among the best. With games like Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, and a PS4 exclusive God Of War, the fan base was sure to latch on to the use of this console.

Nintendo Wii

With its fantastic companion with its purchase, Wii Sports has already allowed the Wii to be listed among the high ranking. Being a part of almost everyone’s childhood, firing up the Wii, and playing the classic family games that Wii had to offer will always bring back the memories of the good old times, thus being a fan favorite.

Nintendo 3DS

While we’re on the wave of talking about Nintendo gaming systems, the Nintendo 3DS offered quite the amount of quirky games that allowed it to stand along with the higher video gaming systems, better than the previously released GameCube and Gameboy Advance. With its dual-screen setup and thin design, it paved the way for the obsession with mobile games.

Personal Computers

The use of the internet allowed us to access games that weren’t playable with the consoles we had when we were younger. With a few simple clicks, you could be playing the ever-popular games that you yearned for as a kid, or you can step into the newer realm of gaming that is always boasting HD graphics, a high framerate, and a neverending catalog of games.

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Portable PlayStation

The first original handheld gaming system that Sony released was indeed a sight to behold, boasting its portability while still having reliable speed and graphic quality. While only supporting the discontinued UMD, the games made for the PSP again made its mark and is one of the reasons why some game franchises are so popular today, such as Need For Speed.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch was what the Nintendo fan base needed after the many years of the poorly sold, irrelevant Wii U. Along with its release, the big-name games of Nintendo, such as The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, and Mario Kart were making a comeback accompanying the release of the Switch. Instantly leaving a mark in plenty of gamers’ hearts.

PlayStation 2

With the massive variety of games that were tailored for the PS2 ranging from fantastic shooter games all the way to fast-paced racing games, this allowed the users of the PS2 never to get bored while using the console. Many favorites reside within the PlayStation 2 because of the greatness that every game had to offer.


The list of excellent video gaming systems goes on endlessly because of the varied opinions that everyone has. Still, the consensus of gamers always hails their choices as fantastic systems. Where the benefits still weigh out the cons that each game systems possess.

No matter what it comes down to, remember, the choice is all yours, as it always comes down to personal preferences if you want to game on the go or play in the comfort of your home. If you want to relive your memories with the classics or to make fresh ones with the new games, it is entirely up to you.