Morrison reviews the status of Dutton's cabinet

Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has not yet been able to confirm whether Peter Dutton left the cabinet when changes in funding for child care were discussed.

The Minister of Internal Affairs has a family financial interest in two child care centers, which now receive direct funds from the Commonwealth to be transferred to the parents.

Mr. Dutton has not confirmed whether he left the cabinet when the changes in child care funding were discussed.

Morrison told parliament this week that he would verify whether Mr. Dutton had left the cabinet, but on Thursday he could not tell parliament if it had happened.

He said he would inform when he had the information, but he did not say when it would be.

Mr. Dutton is faced with questions about his eligibility to sit in parliament because of funding arrangements for child care.

Section 44 of the constitution disqualifies any person who has a "direct or indirect pecuniary interest" in any agreement with the Commonwealth.

"I have taken advice in relation to my position, which leaves the question beyond any doubt," Dutton told parliament on Thursday.

But former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Labor say the Supreme Court must decide.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he will not act on Mr. Turnbull's advice.

"I think people have had enough of lawyer picnics in these kinds of problems," he told reporters.