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More Star Wars Jedi: Survivor players have lowered the difficulty level


It looks like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor might be a bit too difficult for the majority of players, according to stats recently revealed by EA.

EA has released some interesting stats from the recent Star Wars game, which seem to confirm that more players are lowering the game’s difficulty than raising it.

The default difficulty – Jedi Knight – was the most popular, with 52.5% of players playing it. Meanwhile, Story Mode and Jedi Padawan made up 29.5% of the combined player numbers, and harder difficulties like Jedi Master and Jedi Grand Master were even rarer, with just 18% total.

Only 4% of players have played Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on the highest difficulty available.

Funnily enough, 489 players were defeated by Rick the Door Technician, a type of boss that appears early in the game and can be taken down as easily as a normal scout.

Conversely, Rancor has defeated over 9 million players, while the most popular pose for lightsaber is single-handed (31%) followed by dual wield (29%).

Over 2.8 billion enemies defeated, surprisingly the most common lightsaber color is white, a style we haven’t seen in the movies, and considering Cal started the game with a blue blade, it’s surprising to see players choose the white blade over the more blue or green traditional.

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