Monument Valley 3 is in the works

One of the most popular mobile game series is getting bigger. Ustwo Games today revealed that Monument Valley 3 Is in the making. Although, apart from the name, we know absolutely nothing about the experience. The news is coming through a vacancy, because the studio is looking for a creative director for the project, suggesting that it is still quite early in development.


The original Monument Valley launched in 2014, and the combination of beautiful aesthetics and bewildering MC Escher-inspired puzzles turned it into an outbreak. It even made a cameo House of cards, and it was a game with a particularly long tail; it actually reached more users in its second year of existence. A follow-up followed in 2017 with a greater emphasis on story and characters, and Ustwo also tried a new tactic: announcement and launch of the game at the same time. The surprise launch proved successful Monument Valley 2 has managed to get a grip on a space that is increasingly dominated by free to play games.

Apart from the new sequel, the vacancy of Ustwo also mentions "several high-profile titles", so it sounds like the studio is busy at the moment. Ustwo is one of the first developers to contribute to the upcoming Apple Arcade subscription service.

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