Monetizing Instagram With Email Marketing Needs A Strategic Approach

Making money off Instagram is not very difficult and it even becomes much easier when you integrate it with your email marketing campaigns. Therefore, start collecting e-mails from Instagram. However, there are a few actionable steps that you can and should take for that matter. 

Start with selecting the perfect Email Marketing software but make sure that you choose the right one as there ishundreds of different e-mail marketing software out there. It is a better idea to stick with the most of the popular ones such as:

  • MailChimp
  • Aweber
  • Campaign Monitor
  • GetResponseand others. 

While selecting look at their features and tasks they perform instead of the price because the price for all of these are more or less within the same range.

However, MailChimphappens to be the most popular choice as it comes with the most attractive offers but most importantly it will allow you to host about 2,000 subscribers and completely for free.

At this point you should remember that, the pricing of these tools and software largely depends on the number of email subscribers you have. In addition to that the pricing may also depend on the number of e-mails you send and even on the frequency of sending these in a month.

The emails to send out

 No matter whichever platform or software you choose while sending your emails you should make sure that the emails are:

  • Simple text e-mails and 
  • It can build any type of rule based campaigns.

In addition to that you should set up an opt-in page as well. This will help you to get the e-mail addresses of the people. Select the best software or take help of the experts at Gramista to create a landing page easily within the software. Yes, that’s right, within the software.

The primary reason for this is that it will save you from paying extra money for hosting while you create and host e-mail opt-in landing pages. You may use a few of the most powerful tools for that matter such as:

  • LeadPages
  • Unbounceand others.

However make sure that you create a new form of landing page and add a few specific contents on the page after you have selected the template that you want to proceed with. 

Creating a lead magnet

It is essential that you create a lead magnet which is also called a freebie sometimes. This is something that every email subscriber wants in exchange of their e-mail address. It can be different things that are relevant to your business including:

  • A checklist
  • A report
  • A whitepaper
  • A mini course
  • An e-book or any other.

It is important that you focus on what your target audience would like you to offer to get an assurance that they will share their email address with you.

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Though you may have come across people who struggle to put a perfect lead magnet together but you can create it easily if you consider a few specific points with respect to your users such as:

  • What they want
  • What they consider as most valuable to them and 
  • What is the level of commitment that they want from you?

While creating your lead magnet make sure that you have something good to offer your users and also write it down in a document. This will help you to set up an e-mail sequence when you are done. 

For this you can send the initial e-mail directly and immediately to the specific users and then focus on sending extra e-mails of more value to them a couple of days later. This will help you to keep all your email subscribers highly engaged.

The good thing about set up your sequence is that you can go to the Automation and add a rule. This will help you a lot when you start sending this sequence every time to a subscriber who has opted for it as per the form that you may have created earlier.

Monetizing on Instagram

This is the last and perhaps the most important step. Monetizing on Instagram is perhaps the most interesting part wherein all that you have to do is get a few people in your e-mail list. However, a few here refers to at least 500 people as that will prove to be more effective in your monetizing efforts.

As you may know, it is all simple math actually. Here is a hypothetical example.Assume that you have 500 subscribers in your list. 

  • If you send them an email that has a very compelling subject you will probably get around 40% to 60% open rate. That means about 250 people will open your email.
  • On the other hand, if you write good copy with very straightforward info and detail regarding what you offer, you will probably get a 30% to 50% clickthrough-rate. That means you will have around 100 people clicking on your offer

Now, it all depends on the type of offer you make. However, experts says that irrespective of the of the type of offer made, you can expect at least 1% conversion rate no matter whatever is the open rate of your email invites. 

Considering that you have used Instagram in your email marketing campaign and the large number of active monthly users that it has which amounts to nearly one billion, you can very well imagine what the tentative figure could be even if only one out of 100 people buy your product! But you will need a certain amount of follower to make profit for your business, otherwise your Instagram profile would be just a random profile with no value. You may check out for rapid Instagram growth.

If you do not have anything to sell then also you can use Instagram in your email marketing campaigns in these two easiest ways in which you can sell your products or services online.

  • Affiliate products: You can simply Google different companies who sell products to your products that your audience might be interested in. 
  • Membership group: If you have your own membership group or sites, which are nothing new, and get some testimonials it will help you to set up a landing page that will pitch the e-mail subscribers about the group and eventually set up an automatic e-mail sequence.

Therefore, it is all about your business type and how exactly you want to scale it up.