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Mom’s ‘trick’ proves Australian parents are going too far with their kids’ school lunchboxes: ‘Stop meeting all their demands’

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Mom reveals she makes her son a 'deconstructed sandwich' every day

A mum has divided opinions after revealing the unconventional way she packs her son’s school lunchbox.

Sydney’s mother shared that her son is a “picky eater” and used to come home with food untouched.

After realizing he didn’t like sandwiches, the mother came up with a creative way to get him to eat: deconstructed sandwich skewers.

“I try to change what I put on the stick daily to keep it exciting,” he said on Facebook. “He would eat the whole thing every day, whereas when I sent him the sandwich, he always came back.”

The mother recently sent it with whole wheat bread, cucumber and meat on a wooden skewer.

Mom reveals she makes her son a ‘deconstructed sandwich’ every day

He also added cranberries, boiled apple slices, pizza-flavored cookies, and chocolate and coconut balls.

Many parents were impressed after discovering Sydney’s mum’s deconstructed sandwich idea, while others thought it was a step too far.

‘Oh, this is a great idea!’ one said. I have one of those picky kids too! I’ll try this.’

“My kids also refuse to eat sandwiches, but they love toast,” said another.

Controversially, the mother placed a small glass bottle with juice, which parents have previously criticized for being dangerous.

Many were quick to point out that a mother sending glass bottles to school with her children was a recipe for disaster, with one teacher even claiming it was a “terrible” idea and recommending plastic bottles instead.

“One time a student brought in a glass bottle,” he said. ‘It was destroyed everywhere. Just a little tap and glass and liquid are everywhere.’

Others had similar criticisms, wondering why the mother would take the risk when there were so many child-friendly bottles in the supermarket.

“The problem with the school is that it is easily hit and then broken,” said another.

“No matter how careful a child is, accidents can and do happen,” one parent wrote.

A mother sparked outrage after posting a photo

Mother sparked outrage after posting ‘innocent’ photo online

Recently, another mother sparked outrage after posting an “innocent” photo online showing their impressive collection of b.box lunch boxes.

High-quality bento boxes cost between $32.95 and $36.95 and are generally considered high-end, which is why parents were shocked when the Queensland mum revealed she had 13 units to share between her two children.

“I can’t believe how many people are angry about my kids’ lunchbox collection,” she said. ‘They are literally just lunchboxes! It was lucky they didn’t show their collections of drink bottles and accessories.

Several claimed the mother’s collection was an “unnecessary hoarding.”

Parents on Facebook criticized the culture of overconsumption, saying it “made no sense” to buy quality products and “use them like single-use plastic.”

“I can hardly afford one,” one mother wrote.

‘My son’s finally broke after three years, which I think is pretty cool. Can’t you just order the top? Another argued.

‘Why do you need 13 for two children?’ asked a mother.

Another said: ‘I have three children.’ Everyone has their own color and that’s it.’

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