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Moms are interested in a handy trick seen on Bluey to stop kids from interrupting their conversations


The Hidden Bluey Details All Parents Need to Know: ‘It’s Easy to Miss’

  • Parents love a trick seen on Bluey
  • This technique teaches children to wait patiently for attention

Parents have discovered a handy trick to stop their kids from interrupting conversations and get their attention in a “respectful way” thanks to a scene from the children’s TV show Bluey.

In one episode, Bluey’s thieving father teaches a pup to put his hand on his arm when you want his attention during a conversation with another adult.

The robber said he would then put his hand on Bluey to admit that she wanted to talk to him and give her his attention when he was ready.

Mother Riley John, from the US, shared the hoax online and some have accused her of ‘stolen’ it from the Australian children’s show.

However, she said that this method is an ancient technique that her mother used with her when she was a child 20 years ago.

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Mum Riley June (pictured) shared a parenting trick that was recently featured in an episode of Bluey. The trick is teaching children to wait patiently for their parents’ attention

Reilly shared the helpful excerpt from the Bluey episode at a video She posted it on her popular social media channels.

‘What about this?’ If I’m talking to an adult and you want me, you just have to come over and put your hand on my arm, so now I know you want to talk to me,” Pandit explains to Bluey.

“Then I’m going to do this to show you that I know you’re there and that you want to talk to me,” he said, placing his paw on top of Bluey.

Riley said the trick has been used in Montessori homes and classrooms for decades and was taught to her by her mother when she was a little girl.

Instead of interrupting her father's chat, Bluey is taught to put her hand on her father's arm to get his attention.  He will put his hand on her hand to acknowledge her and take care of her when he is free

Instead of interrupting her father’s chat, Bluey is taught to put her hand on her father’s arm to get his attention. He will put his hand on her hand to acknowledge her and take care of her when he is free

Mother is a guide in Montessori education and is an alternative parenting method that emphasizes “self-directed activity, hands-on learning and cooperative play” according to Montessori Northwest.

Riley said that growing up she would put her hand on her mother’s shoulder to indicate that she wanted her attention and now she uses the same technique with her daughter.

“My daughter put her hand in my leg because it’s at her level,” she explained.

What is the Montessori method?

The Montessori method was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 20th century.

It is a specific child-centered teaching method that includes child-led activities (referred to as “work”), classes with children of different ages and teachers who encourage independence among their pupils.

Dr. Montessori believed that children learn best when they choose what they learn, and this philosophy is found in Montessori classrooms today.

A Montessori classroom will probably look different than what you are used to. The things that make it unique include:

  • Different activity stations for kids to choose from throughout the day.
  • Teachers move from group to group rather than standing at the front of the class.
  • Unconventional grading system.
  • Focus on the whole student – social, emotional, intellectual and physical development is taken into consideration.

As with any educational method, some teachers and parents like this approach, while others don’t.

source: Rasmussen University

“This is a great way to set boundaries with your child about not interrupting but also allow them to get your attention in a respectful way!”

She added that it can go both ways with parents using the method to get their children’s attention if they are playing or focusing.

The mother added that this technique is not limited to Montessori education, but it is useful and polite advice for teaching children etiquette.

Riley’s clip had 6.6 million views across Facebook and Instagram and many parents were keen to enforce the rule at home with their children.

Much better than interrupting and saying ‘excuse me,'” said one mother.

We’ve started using that with our kids after seeing it on Bluey. He wrote one of the best shows ever, not only for kids but for parents as well.

We started doing this with our six year old daughter a year ago and she started doing it with her teachers. A third added: It changed the rules of the game.

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