Moment when passerby calls Scott Morrison a ‘LIAR’ as he announces new laws targeting anonymous trolls

Casual passerby calls Scott Morrison a ‘LIAR’ as he announces new laws targeting anonymous trolls

  • A passerby yelled ‘liar’ twice at Scott Morrison during recent press conference
  • The Prime Minister has announced new laws regarding Australian internet security
  • The new laws will achieve this goal by targeting anonymous online ‘trolls’

AN video turned up from a passerby who calls Scott Morrison a liar during a press conference.

The prime minister held a news conference on Sunday to announce plans to force social media companies to identify account holders who make defamatory or trolling comments online.

The proposed laws will hold the companies themselves liable for any fines if they cannot or cannot identify the offending account holders.

A passer-by yelled ‘liar’ twice at Prime Minister Scott Morrison (Scott Morrison) as he announced new laws to protect Australians online by targeting anonymous trolls

Morrison said the action against trolls – the use of often anonymous online accounts to harass and insult – does not impose any restrictions on free speech.

A video has surfaced of a passerby yelling “liar” twice as he follows the prime minister.

Ironically, the abuse is anonymous, as the passerby has yet to be identified in the video that has since been shared on Twitter by @cmxdia.

Calls for anti-troll laws became prominent in 2018 following the death of Australian teenager Dolly Everett.

Dolly was a victim of cyberbullying and since her death her parents have been advocating and educating for Australians about online safety and the consequences of bullying.

They do this through their foundation Dolly’s dream.