Moment three American stealth bombers land at night at the US Air Force Base in Gloucestershire

The B-2 Spirit is the deadliest and most expensive aircraft of the US Air Force – an invention of a Cold Warrior that has since been used to bomb the Taliban and ISIS.

Each of the 20 operational B-2 & # 39; s is valued at $ 2.1 billion and airing costs an estimated $ 135,000 per hour and cannot function in the rain.

On board, his two-person crew can stay in the air for 33 hours, under the control of an aircraft designed to sneak into the Soviet territory unseen to drop nuclear bombs and then return to the US in one flight.

The B-2 & # 39; s were first designed under the Carter administration, were about to expire and eventually fled for the first time in 1989, just when the Soviet Union they were supposed to fight collapsed and in 1997 with the Air Force entered service.


They were used to fight in Kosovo, where they bombed Serbian troops when NATO moved in to combat ethnic cleansing of the Muslim Albanian minority, and in the war on terrorism, Taliban targets in Afghanistan and most recently ISIS eliminate positions in Syria.

All are currently based at the Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, meaning that the person designated to fly across the Mall is flying 1,042 miles to D.C. for the spectacle.

If it flies low enough, it is visible from the ground, but it is almost invisible on radar, with its stealth design that makes it look like a dove on radar screens.


Crew: 2

Top speed: 628 mph

Range: 6,000 nautical miles and refueling approximately every six hours

Length: 69ft

Wingspan: 172ft


Weight: 158,100 pounds

Weapons: B61 and B83 nuclear bombs, MK84 conventional bomb, MK82 and CBU-87 conventional weapons and AGM-129 advanced cruise missile

How many: 20 operational

Cost: $ 135,000 per hour to work, making it about twice as expensive to work as the B-52 or B-1

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