Moment in which a cyclist insults an anonymous police car before the officer charges him with a ‘public order offence’

A frustrated cyclist captured the moment he was pulled over by London police officers and charged with a “public order offence” after he cursed at an unmarked police car parked in a bus lane.

Using his helmet camera, he recorded a four-minute exchange with officers in Wandsworth, London, one of whom warned he could be “overrun” or “stabbed” by the swear word.

The police officer told him: ‘You are in Wandsworth, where there are some extremely unpleasant people’ and ‘don’t think there are people who would stab you for less than that’.

In the images, the cyclist was carrying his two young children and was forced to go out onto the road to avoid a car parked in the bus lane, which usually gives priority to buses, bicycles and motorcycles.

The bikers’ helmet camera caught the exchange with the officer (pictured) who said there are “extremely unpleasant people in Wandsworth”.

Having allegedly been blocked by a BMW, he pulled out onto the road as he overtook the parked car (also a BMW) and yelled ‘Get the fuck out of the way’ as he passed.

But the parked vehicle immediately turned on its police sirens and began to follow.

When the BMW stopped the cyclist, who stopped immediately, he laughed and told the officer getting out of the car: ‘I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t know you were an unmarked vehicle.

The officer approached the cyclist before charging him with breaking the law. The second officer, the driver of the vehicle, also got out of the car, but only stood and witnessed the exchange for about a minute before returning.

The first officer said: ‘Swearing in the street with two small children who are yours. You are committing offenses against public order with your children.

How inconsiderate and stupid to be. Now listen.

‘If I wasn’t the police and we were the wrong kind of people… if I invaded you because we’re the wrong kind of people, do you want to put your children’s lives at risk?

The cyclist tried to respond but the officer cut him off saying, ‘Listen. There are people out there that if you swear at them, they will come after you. You know it, do not you?

The Unmarked Police Car Was Parked In A Bus Lane On A Busy Wandsworth Road When The Incident Occurred.

The unmarked police car was parked in a bus lane on a busy Wandsworth road when the incident occurred.

Once The Police Car Turned On Its Sirens, The Cyclist Raised His Hand In Apology Before Being Stopped.

Once the police car turned on its sirens, the cyclist raised his hand in apology before being stopped.

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The second police officer (left) did not participate in the conversation and returned to the car shortly after it began.

The Cyclist Admitted To Being 'Angry' And 'Upset' At The Car Blocking His Path, But Apologized To Officers Saying They Had A 'Right' To Be In The Lane.

The cyclist admitted to being ‘angry’ and ‘upset’ at the car blocking his path, but apologized to officers saying they had a ‘right’ to be in the lane.

The cyclist replied: ‘But that’s against the law.’

The officer said, ‘Well, swearing in the street is against the law. You just did.

‘So don’t think there are people out there who would stab you for less than that.’

The bicyclist told the officer that he understood his point, but said that it was not illegal to swear.

The officer said: ‘In a public place, where there are small children, you cannot swear. It is under Section 5 of the Public Order Act. You can look it up.

It is an offense. And it’s a fine, a £100 fine. Worse sir, she is swearing in front of her children, what example is she setting?

The Public Order Act states that anyone who uses ‘threatening or abusive words or behavior…within the sight or hearing of a person who may be harassed, distress alarm’ is breaking the law.

The cyclist noted that it was “his choice” to swear and reiterated that he did not know the car was a police vehicle.

He added: ‘So many cyclists come here. It is very important that people do not [block] it’s.

Now you are doing a special job and you have the right to do it.

He added: ‘I chose to swear and if you were someone else I would have sworn. Now how bad that is, I don’t know.

The officer, who had his back to the cyclist as he spoke, said: ‘He’s in extremely bad shape. You are in Wandsworth, where there are extremely unpleasant people.

‘And I see them a lot… I have to arrest them. I have seen people beat people up for swearing.’

The cyclist added that he was “angry” that he had to enter the main road because a different BMW “wouldn’t let me get out” onto the main road to avoid the police car, even though he rang the bell.

The officer questioned whether that ‘mattered’, to which the cyclist said he was in a ‘bicycle and pedestrian priority lane’.

The officer asked if it was the bicyclist’s ‘right’ to ‘just get out’ in front of a vehicle, arguing that it was not a legal right to signal and enter the road.

Shortly thereafter, the officer returned to the vehicle as the bicyclist attempted to continue the discussion.

The cyclist, who admitted to being ‘dead’, said: ‘It passed, I went out, I passed you.

‘The only reason I had to do that was because you were in the way. I was upset, I cursed you.

‘And you know what? I’d probably do it again, and I hope Wandsworth doesn’t beat me up.’

The officer then returned to his car, with the cyclist adding that he appreciated their work and hoped they had a “great day.”

The Metropolitan Police have been contacted for comment.

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