Moment a huge five meter long crocodile retrieves a turtle from Daintree River, northern Queensland


Incredible moment when a huge five meter crocodile grabs a turtle just 500 meters offshore

  • There are astonishing images of a huge 4.5 meter crocodile grabbing a turtle
  • The huge crocodile was caught in QLD just south of the mouth of the Daintree River
  • The aerial photos were taken from the safety of a collection helicopter

The terrifying moment when a nearly five meter long saltwater crocodile picked up a large turtle was captured on video.

The images were taken from a collection helicopter just south of the mouth of the Daintree River in far north Queensland.

The crocodile was seen swimming about half a mile off shore when it was spotted by Brian Bartlett.

Mr. Bartlett captured the video and shared it on a community Facebook page, where he warned locals about the sighting.

“Just trying to get a message, a big crocodile about 15 feet tall, swam just south of Daintree’s mouth and half a mile into the sea, roughly in line with Wonga Beach,” he wrote.

“Seen from a collection helicopter, he had a big turtle in its mouth.”

A photo has also been uploaded showing the true size of the crocodile and the turtle in its mouth.

Some locals responded to the comments and marveled at the mammoth reptile.

‘Wow, that would have been great to see from the sky!’ Wrote one.

‘Great picture!’ Commented another.

This crocodile is the 12th sighted across the Douglas Shire in the past 30 days, while three were seen around a similar area to this one, the Courier Mail reported