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Mom says police held her in bed of fire ants while her 9-year-old son watched

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 Mom Says Police Held Her Down in a Bed of Fire Ants While Her 9-Year-Old Son Watched

A brand new video by Santa Fe police provides a more complete explanation of how an incident involving a Texas mother escalated, resulting in her being held face down in the grass and attacked by fire ants. Body camera footage sheds light on the moments leading up to the incident with Taylor Rogers. The situation began when Rogers allegedly made an illegal turn onto school grounds to drop off his son.

she was arrested for Rubén Espinoza, Santa Fe police chief, who informed him that left turns were not allowed in that area. Instead of obeying, Rogers left. Shortly after, Chief Espinoza discovered Rogers was driving in reverse in the delivery area, reports NBC News.

Acting quickly, Espinoza detained Rogers, took her down and handcuffed her with her hands behind her back and her face pressed into the grass. During this time, Rogers began screaming that fire ants were biting her. Photographs taken after the incident reveal the painful extent of the ant bites on her face.

Body camera footage captures Rogers’ distress as he screams about the ants in his face. The police chief said officers responded quickly when Rogers alerted them to the ant bites. He video offers a detailed account of the chaotic sequence of events, highlighting the complications and quick decisions made during the encounter.

Authorities hope the footage will provide a better understanding of the incident and the actions taken by the officers involved. This incident has sparked debates about the police response and handling of rapidly escalating situations. The liberation of video objectives offer transparency and clarity about the events that unfolded, shedding light on both the challenges faced by law enforcement and the anguish experienced by Rogers.

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