Mom reveals her incredible snack tray


The snack drawer of every child’s dreams: organization queen shows off her VERY satisfying nook filled with perfectly filled candies and chips

  • A Mom Shows Off Her Kids’ Incredibly Organized Snack Drawer
  • She says the snack drawer ‘made her childhood dreams come true’
  • The drawer holds rows of chips, cake bars and flavored cookies

A Super Organized Mom Shows Off Her Incredible DIY Snack La, Describing It As Her ‘Childhood Dreams Come True’

The video of the neatly stacked snack drawer’s wife was viewed by thousands on TikTok after the mother, who lives with OCD, shared it with her followers.

The mom shows off the neat rows of chips, cake bars and cookies in a large drawer in her kitchen in the video that has been viewed more than 80,000 times in just two days.

A mom has shown off her incredibly organized snack drawer and admitted it’s straight out of her childhood dreams

“My childhood dreams were made when I got this snack tray in my kitchen,” she captioned the video.

Thousands of people showed their approval of the well-stocked snack drawer by leaving comments and liking the post.

The snack tray is much more exciting inside than outside

The snack tray is much more exciting inside than outside

“Yum, my future home,” one woman wrote in the post.

The snacks appear to be in neat rows, but are actually in their own compartments, which helps to keep them organized.

Dozens of people tagged their friends in the viral post, hoping they would implement the same system in their homes.