Mom Reveals Exactly How To Make Your Whites Look Like New

Mom reveals exactly how to make your whites look brand new, and how you set up the machine is just as important as the chemicals used.

  • A mother of two has shared her tips for making whites look fresher in no time.
  • Carolina McCauley uses hydrogen peroxide, detergent, and vinegar
  • She also cleans her machine first and adds baking soda to the drum.

A proud house mom has revealed exactly how she keeps her linens looking like new, despite having two young children, and it’s super easy.

Carolina McCauley from Perth, Western Australia shared a video to show her 2.4 million followers how they can keep their white whiter too.

The mother-of-two begins the video by showing off her bed, which is dressed in white sheets and cream-colored bedspreads.

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Carolina McCauley has revealed how to make your white clothes whiter with simple steps

First he cleans his washing machine, to make sure it’s ‘spotless’, then he puts a half cup of baking soda into the empty drum.

She then adds her white sheets before warning people “not to fuss” with the laundry detergent.

Next, add a layer of hydrogen peroxide to the laundry detergent.

Then he puts vinegar in the fabric softener slot before washing them in hot water.

She said she always sun-dries her sheets or puts them in the dryer on low.

And people were delighted with the video.

Carolina Likes To Clean Her Machine Before Doing The White Clothes.

She Also Uses Baking Soda In The Barrel.

Carolina cleans the machine before adding baking soda before putting clothes in the machine

“Thanks, I always struggle with the white ones, they look boring in my house, but I’ll try this,” one woman said.

While another said he also uses vinegar and hydrogen peroxide and “swears by them.”

But some people were quick to point out problems with Carolina’s hack.

Add A Bit Of Detergent Before Pouring Hydrogen Peroxide On Top.

She Always Uses Vinegar Instead Of Fabric Softener.

Add a bit of detergent before pouring hydrogen peroxide on top; then add vinegar into the fabric softener slot.

“I’ve heard that vinegar in front-loading machines could damage the rubber gasket around the drum,” said one woman.

“Don’t use hydrogen peroxide and vinegar in the same load, it produces peracetic acid and is super corrosive,” said another.

While others commented: ‘Vinegar smells bad though.’

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