Mohammed Shami saw tapes by James Anderson, Bowling by Stuart Broad to understand conditions in English

Mohammed Shami Watched Videotapes Of James Anderson, Stuart Broad

Indian bowler Mohammed Shami said he saw videos of Stuart Broad and James Anderson, the best players in England, to better understand and improve their bowling in English conditions. "If you compare my performances on this tour with those of 2014, I've improved a lot, in general, we've all done well, I've learned a lot, especially how to get away from home, how focused you need to be," said Shami.

"I have a lot to learn, in 2014, when I came here, I did not have that much experience, I was not mature, this time, I saw videos of the bowls of James Anderson and Stuart Broad, in these conditions, I have to learn a lot," he added.

After overcoming inconsistencies in South Africa and personal problems later, Shami has played well in the ongoing series against England, taking 16 wickets in five Tests.

Shami played his heart in both the first and second innings, but he had no rewards for it. He was undefeated (0/72) in the first chance despite beating Moeen Ali's bat countless times and taking 2-110 in the second inning, while England set an impressive goal of 464 runs.

"Some things also depend on luck, when you play the bowl, your goal is to make a good line and length, if you get a wicket or not, it depends on luck. Of course, it is frustrating that you have beaten the bat many times and still I have not done it. "I have a shutter, but it's fine. Whatever God gives me, I have to accept it, "Shami said.

When asked to put his overall performance in context, he said: "The saddest moment is when, as a bowler, you work hard and you do not succeed." The saddest moment will be the first possibility of yesterday, I have never beaten the bat so many times. times in my life.

"When it comes to fun, all our players like to joke with each other, we have fun all the time, when you're on the field, you have to be serious, but off the field, to pass the time or relieve the pressure, you need fun and music, we have both of us in our camp. "

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