Moeen Ali insists Hundred English cricket could TAKE OVER, admits ‘game must go on’

Moeen Ali insists The Hundred could TAKE OVER English cricket as he admits the ‘game must go on’… and the English all-rounder hopes a mural of him in his local park will inspire future stars

  • Moeen Ali spearheads his Birmingham Phoenix side in the Hundred
  • The all-rounder from England wants cricket to keep up with the times
  • Moeen’s mural was created in his local park to celebrate the launch of his team

Moeen Ali believes the Hundred could eventually take over English cricket and expects other formats to be tinkered with over time.

The English all-rounder spearheads his Birmingham Phoenix side, which has established itself as a Twenty20 franchise star, most notably in the Indian Premier League. It has made him excited to see the sport evolve with the times.

“I feel like the game needs to go a little further and move forward,” he says Sports post. “Everything seems to be going faster and faster and everyone wants it to go faster and faster.

The English all-rounder Moeen Ali is the spearhead of Birmingham Phoenix in the Hundred

“I feel that Test cricket will always be there, the other formats will always be there. I just think it will be tweaked here and there.

“Frankly, the Hundred won’t affect many other things initially for the next four or five years. Perhaps in time the Hundred could really take over English cricket, depending on how well it goes.

“The game must go on. I think the more franchise teams there are to help the players excel is great, and great for the fans to keep seeing their heroes perform.”

The 34-year-old’s attitude is clear: let’s give the new format a chance.

Crucially, he believes it can co-exist with the other beloved provincial leagues.

“When T20 started, I wasn’t one of those people who were against it, because as a kid I played a lot and really enjoyed it – I’m not one to run into anything,” he explains. “Let’s try the Hundred, see how it goes. It could be great; it can really take off.

Moeen's mural was created at his local Spark Green park to celebrate his team's launch

Moeen’s mural was created at his local Spark Green park to celebrate his team’s launch

“Maybe not and it doesn’t matter, but we hope it will be a success. Franchise competitions often do well. It can certainly coexist with the other provincial competitions.’

Next month is an opportunity for regular cricket that Moeen is eager to seize after being left on the periphery of several England squads this year. The all-rounder flew to India in March for the white-ball series and sat on the bench for all five T20 matches before being brought in for the ODIs.

Since then, he’s had a supporting role that he admits has been challenging.

“It’s a tough one because we’re building for the T20 World Cup, so Eoin Morgan wants to look at other players, which means either you don’t play or you play but don’t bowl that much, or you’re lower in the order.” plays. — that can be quite frustrating, but you also have to look at the bigger picture,” he says.

“It was nice to play some cricket first and contribute to the win by batting and bowling (in the recent T20s against Pakistan) – that’s what I love to do and what I want to do.”

The Hundred is set up to provide these opportunities, and also has a personal connection.

The England star is eager to see cricket evolve and hopes the Hundred can have a great future

The England star is eager to see cricket evolve and hopes the Hundred can have a great future

Not only is he the captain of Phoenix, but a mural of Moeen was created in his local Spark Green park to celebrate the launch of his team.

He hopes the artwork will inspire the next generation and help young people from ethnic minorities believe that professional sports can be a pathway for them.

“The mural is in Spark Green Park, which is pretty much where I grew up, I played a lot of cricket and football there,” he adds. “My school is there too, and I lived around the corner, so it’s great because it feels so personal to me.

“Hopefully it will inspire kids to take up the game and see that there is a career in playing sports and cricket.

‘Sometimes we as South Asians think that it is a lot more difficult and that the accessibility is very difficult, but actually it is not as difficult as you think. You do the hard work and like everything else you will get your rewards.”