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Have you been exploring the different investment options to generate passive income? Are you considering investing in mobile home parks or at least heard about their financial potential for generating income? This guide will help you have an in-depth understanding of the pros and cons of investing in mobile rental homes in Oregon to make rational financial decisions. 

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What are mobile home rentals?

Mobile home rentals are residential properties that are similar to single or multifamily homes. The payment of mobile home rentals is done just like a regular house or apartment; however, there is a significant difference. Keep reading through to understand how investing in a mobile home can be a beneficial deal. 


What are the pros of investing in mobile homes?


1. Pocket-Friendly

Due to the mass production of mobile homes in the factories, they are usually low in price as compared to the huge cost of conventional real estate rentals. 

2. More Luxurious Alternative

You may be able to purchase luxury items such as marble or hardwood flooring, granite counters, and other improved fixtures because you are not spending a lot of money on a mobile home. When renting mobile homes, such enhancements will allow you to charge more.

3. Low Maintenance Expenses

Your mobile home’s tenants will be responsible for repairs and maintenance in their homes. This eliminates the need to interact with contractors.

4. A Safe Residential Choice

A mobile house built to US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) code standards is extremely secure. This implies that if your rental property is in a high-risk area for hurricanes, storms, or other natural catastrophes, you won’t have to worry.

5. Increasing Demand

The demand for mobile home rentals in Pendleton Oregon continues to rise year after year as more individuals seek affordable housing. Mobile homes can readily become cash flow properties when rented out.

6. Least Competitive Market

Investors in mobile homes are few and far between. Because there is less competition, those who buy manufactured homes have more options.

What are the cons of investing in mobile homes?


1. Rapid Depreciation

Mobile houses depreciate at a significantly faster rate than standard dwellings. While this is excellent news in terms of taxes, it is negative news in terms of resale value.

2. Land Requirement

It’s possible that you’ll have to pay for land to put your mobile home on. Another option is to hunt for a spot in a mobile park, which can be tough to come by.

3. Less financing choices

Most traditional institutions will not finance mobile homes, especially if they are not purchased with the land. If you need to leverage the property, your only alternative will be chattel loans, which have a higher interest rate.


For those willing to take their investment motives to the next level, Oregon home rentals can be profitable. Before investing in a company, spend some time investigating it, speaking with other investors, and consulting with your accountant. Starting with mobile homes may be an excellent choice if you wish to invest in real estate.

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