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Mobile Industry Awards 2020: Samsung wins the manufacturer’s best field marketing team

This category recognizes the impact marketing teams have on the device market and the overall success of the business. It rewards the work done to educate and train personnel on the high street and in contact centers.

Our participants were asked to submit entries based on the following criteria:

  • Excellent impact in retail
  • Excellent impact in call centers
  • Innovation in marketing, education and training
  • Exceptional results and significantly stand out for the manufacturer
  • Adaptability to changing market conditions
  • High impact launch campaigns with excellent ROI
  • A strategy that reflects the manufacturer’s brand image

Our finalists for 2020 are:


Our judges were impressed by the success story of Alcatel’s Tech Team, whose importance is evidenced by the large share of the company’s market budget at its disposal. The results of the past 12 months, in particular the significantly increased awareness of products at the retail level, have been spectacular.


Samsung has redesigned its training approach, content and the way it communicates with store and call center personnel. The company enabled its teams to deliver messages to end users and went beyond mobile to provide a complete overview of the entire range.

Sony Mobile

Sony Mobile was able to demonstrate how its field marketing team is responsible for engaging and empowering retailers with information on the Xperia product line, services and the entire Sony brand.

And our winner is … Samsung!

Speaking of Samsung’s win, Mark Fermor, Director of the Mobile Industry Awards said, “The role field marketing teams play in supporting the retail industry couldn’t be more important. As customer behavior and demands change, so does the way these teams operate. Samsung was able to stimulate, support and support retail colleagues in their dealings with end users.

(Image credit: Future)

SAVE THE DATE! The Mobile Industry Awards have been running for over a decade and represent the gold standard of excellence in the industry. From the boardroom to the grassroots, the participants represent the best and brightest that the UK and European mobile industry has to offer. For the 19th year, we celebrate the best manufacturers, retailers, networks, distributors and dealers June 24, 2021.

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