Mixer lowers its subscription price to better compete with Twitch

Today, Mixer has announced that it will lower the price of its subscription from $ 5.99 per month to $ 4.99. Although it is not clear what the specific reason for the change was, it is difficult to miss the fact that $ 4.99 is also the price of a monthly T1 subscription to Twitch.


Mixer's subscriptions are a bit like their analogs with Twitch: after you purchase a channel subscription, you get customized emotes from the broadcaster for use in chat and a badge with your name that informs people about your subscriber status . That said, it is not clear what the broadcaster receives from the income from subscriptions, and it is also not clear whether the fall in prices will affect the number of Mixer's partners. (Microsoft did not immediately respond to a mailed request for comment. On Twitch, broadcasters receive half the revenue they generate.)

Twitch has four layers of subscriptions – you can subscribe for free to one channel per month with Twitch Prime; then there are Tier 1 to 3 subscriptions, which increase in price and unlock individual emotes when the broadcaster has uploaded them. (The only exception are subscriptions purchased on iOS devices; they cost more because of Apple's cutbacks.)

Mixer subscriptions, however, differ from those on Twitch, because there is only one single price to subscribe and because viewers can only subscribe to Mixer partners: the set of authenticated users. Twitch has two levels of broadcasting: affiliated companies and partners, and the public can subscribe to both types of channels. The difference in status is a check mark and viewer numbers; Twitch broadcasters, among others, need an average of 75 simultaneous viewers to receive a stream to be eligible for partnership.

Although today's announcement is not a major problem in itself, it does show that Mixer is seriously competing with Twitch, apart from poaching his top talent.