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Misunderstandings about Cup Sizing: People Accuse Me of Fabricating My 28GG Bra Wearing Experience


People Think I’m Lying About Wearing 28G Bras—But They Don’t Understand How Cup Sizing Really Works

A woman with a bra size of 28g (28 joules in the US) has revealed that some people think she’s lying about her cup size.

Jen Warnes, who posts videos on TikTok showing off bras to women with large breasts, revealed that some people tell her she’s looking for attention in her content.

In her most recent video, Jen posted a comment a viewer left on one of her videos that said, “She’s not a J. She just wants attention by claiming to have a bigger chest than she actually does.”

She then went on to explain that the person who left the review was wrong, by trying on a new 28J bra and explaining how it fit perfectly.

Although Jen is from the UK, she uses US and UK measurements to explain the sizes to her followers, as a US 28J is a UK 28GG.

Jen tries on bras on TikTok

Jen Warnes, who posts bra reviews for larger cup sizes on TikTok, revealed that some people don’t think she’s really wearing a size 28GG (28J) but she explained that most people don’t understand how bra sizes work.

At the beginning of the video, Jen says, “Am I really a J cup or am I just doing it for attention?” I’ll let you decide that! “

She then presents the camera with a new pink bra and displays the label indicating that the item is actually a US size 28J.

In the next shot, she tries on a bra and explains that the underwire sits flat against her chest and the cups completely surround her breast tissue.

“The reason you think I’m lying is because we’re so used to wearing the wrong bra size that we don’t realize what the right size actually looks like,” she says.

She’s now wearing a second bra, revealing it doesn’t fit well and pointing out ways it doesn’t support it better.

She notes that the underwire doesn’t sit flat on her chest and revealed that when she used to wear it, she would “constantly adjust throughout the day.”

“It’s actually exploding into a handkerchief and the band is flapping across my back,” says Jane.

Going back to the original comment, she says, “You’re right, I’m doing it for the interest.”

Jane then explains that she’s trying hard to get attention on her page so that other women with small frames and large breasts can “find things that work for them.”

In response to Jen’s video, commenters endorsed her message and agreed that many women don’t understand bra sizes.

“Make sure the pendant is wearing the correct size,” said one person.

Another said to her: ‘Go girl! People have been brainwashed into believing that there is no higher volume than DDD.


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