Missouri woman explains why she requested an emergency motion to assist the EXECUTION OF her cop killer father

A Missouri police officer who was executed in the murder of his mother has a close friend who said his daughter had ‘lost her mom young’ and is now about to lose her dad’ after a federal judge rejected her request to go to his execution next week.

Kevin Johnson (37), was sentenced to death in 2005 for killing a St. Louis cop. He will be executed on Nov 29. He William McEntee, Missouri police officer, was fatally shot in a fit rage after the murder of his 12-year old brother.

Sparkle Haney (41), said that she formed a friendship with the death row prisoner one year later while she was working as a correctional officer in the county jail.

‘He She was put in the “hole”, which is administrative segregation lockdown, she explained to

‘He He spent the majority of his time in prison so I used to talk to him. I would ask him questions and get his thoughts. This is how we began communicating.

Johnson’s 19 year-old daughter, Coionsa “Khorry” Ramey, appealed to the Kansas City federal court to be there for her father’s execution. She described him as the’most important person’ in her life. 

Sparkle Haney, 41 a close friend and confidante of a Missouri police killer on death row for murder, stated that her daughter “lost her mother at a young age” and is now “about losing him,” as a federal Judge rejects her request to go to his execution next week.

Corionsa 'Khorry' Ramey (Left), 19, Introduced Her Newborn Son To Her Father Johnson (Right) In Prison Last Month, The Two Have Remained Close While He Has Been Incarcerated

Corionsa “Khorry” Ramey, 19, presented her son to her father Johnson in prison last month. The two have been close throughout his time in prison.

Ramey (Right) Has Appealed To A Federal Court In Kansas City For Permission To View The Execution Of Her Father Johnson (Left) By Lethal Injection, But Was Rejected By A Federal Judge

Ramey (right), applied to a Kansas City federal court to view her father’s execution by lethal infusion. But, she was denied by a federal Judge

Ramey, who was then two, was living with her mother when Johnson took her to prison. Ramey was four years old in 2007 when her mother was killed by her ex-boyfriend.

Ramey stated in an affidavit that she lost her father at two and was sentenced to two years imprisonment. She also testified that she witnessed her mother’s murder two years later.

Haney, who is no longer employed in corrections, stated that Johnson and his daughter are very close.

She said, “They talk daily and he has never missed a beat,”

‘HeShe’s been in touch with her teachers since childhood, and with her social workers ever since.

‘HeThrough the years, he has done it all. HeShe doesn’t seem to be missing any important events in her life.

Ramey, despite seeing her mother killed, has long longed to visit her father during his last hours in state-mandated execution next week.

The law, however, prohibits those under 21 from attending.

U.S. District Court Judge Brian Wimes indicated that he didn’t discount Ramey’s claim that not being allowed to attend the execution would cause emotional damage, but that he did not believe that the state’s law violates her rights. Fox4kc reported.

‘She Haney stated that Haney wanted to be present as she felt that it was all she had.

‘She She has no other people, she seems to just want to be there. She Her mom died young and she hasn’t had her dad for many years. She’s likely to lose him soon.

Aclu Attorney Anthony Rothert Said If Ramey (Pictured) Is Prevented From Attending The Execution It Will Cause Her 'Irreparable Harm'

Anthony Rothert, ACLU attorney said that if Ramey is prevented from attending the execution, it will cause her irreparable harm

Ramey, 19, Was Two When Her Father Was Imprisoned For The Fatal Shooting And At The Age Of Four Witnessed Her Mother Being Murdered By An Ex-Boyfriend

Ramey (19 years old) was just two when her father was shot and killed. She witnessed her mother’s murder at four years of age by her ex-boyfriend.

The American Civil Liberties Union lawyers filed an emergency motion, arguing that laws banning people under 21 viewing executions is not only unconstitutional but also violates constitutional rights.

Ramey stated in court that if my father died in hospital, he would have me sit beside him and pray for him. This was both to support him and to support me in my grief process. 

Kevin Johnson is facing execution for murdering Kirkwood police officer McEntee, in 2005.

McEntee, a father of three children and husband, was summoned to Johnson’s residence on July 5, 2005 to execute a warrant for him arrest. Johnson was on probation after he assaulted his girlfriend. The police thought he had violated the probation.

Johnson witnessed officers arrive, and woke his brother Joseph ‘Bam Bam ‘Long, 12 years old, who ran next to their grandmother’s home.

Kevin Johnson Faces Execution November 29 For Killing Kirkwood Police Officer Mcentee In 2005

Kevin Johnson is facing execution Nov. 29 for the 2005 murder of Kirkwood officer McEntee

Missouri Police Officer William Mcentee Was Fatally Shot By Kevin Johnson In 2005

Kevin Johnson fatally shot William McEntee in Missouri, killing him as a police officer.

Johnson Seen Here At The Clayton Courthouse In April 2007 Moments After The Jury In His Trial Were Unable To Reach A Unanimous Decision, Resulting In A Mistrial, Has Made A Last Ditch Attempt To Stay The Execution On Monday

Johnson seen at Clayton Courthouse, April 2007, moments after the jury failed to reach an unanimous decision in his trial. This resulted in a mistrial. Johnson made one last desperate attempt to stop the execution of Monday.

Her son suffered from a congenital defect in his heart, which caused him to suffer a seizure. He died shortly thereafter at the hospital.

Haney told Johnson in a long conversation about the aftermath that he wished he had done things differently. 

‘He She said that she didn’t mean for death to be a destructive force in a family’s life. 

“It was sort of a crime in passion. Like when you aren’t thinking clearly.

Haney continues to state that Johnson had allegedly reacted to McEntee’s murder by watching as ‘no one came to his aid’ when he was describing the events leading up to it.

She said that her brother, who was suffering from a heart condition, passed away during the procedure. Their grandmother then screamed and declared that their grandfather was having a seizure.

‘[Johnson told me] No one helped him. They just stepped on him and he was left alone. [Johnson] They could be seen stepping on his brother as he died.

“I believe that one person could have made an enormous difference if he just stopped to look at his brother, or did something.

Johnson testified that McEntee prevented Johnson from going into the house to assist his dying brother.

McEntee returned later that night to the neighborhood to respond to unrelated reports about fireworks being set off. He Johnson was then spotted.

Johnson pulled out his gun and shot McEntee. He The wounded officer kneeling down, approached him and shot him again, thereby killing him.

Johnson, now 37 years old, has been in prison since Ramey was just two years old. According to the ACLU, Johnson and his daughter were able build a relationship through visits, phone calls, email and letters.

Last month, she brought her baby son to prison to meet his grandfather.

Anthony Rothert, ACLU attorney, stated that Ramey will suffer irreparable harm if she is prevented from attending execution. 

A filing by the ACLU argues that Ramey’s rights to equal protection under both the Fourteenth Amendment, and her First Amendment right to association is violated by the state law.

Johnson Murdered Mcentee In A Fit Of Rage Hours After The Death Of His 12-Year-Old Brother, Haney Claiming It Had Been Because He Watched Officers 'Step Over' His Body As He Died

 Johnson shot McEntee to death in a fit de rage just hours after his brother, Haney, had died. Haney claimed that Johnson did it because he saw officers’step on’ his body.

Haney Said That Ramey (Left) And Johnson (Right) Were Able To Build A Bond With Each Other Through Visits, Phone Calls, Emails And Letters  (Photo Taken In Prison)

Haney said that Ramey (left) and Johnson (right) were able to build a bond with each other through visits, phone calls, emails and letters  (photo taken in prison)

It states that the 21 age limit is unreasonable and does not serve any safety purposes.

It also claims that, in federal executions, and in the vast majority of death penalty countries there is no age requirement for the family members of the sentenced inmate witnessing an execution. The minimum age is 18.

Johnson’s lawyers are preparing different appeals to halt execution. They will be heard in court one day prior to the execution.

Haney expressed his hope that the execution will be stopped by Haney, whose mental health has suffered greatly. 

She said, “It’s eating him up inside.” 

‘HeHe doesn’t sleep because he feels that if he does, he’s missing the last seconds, minutes, and hours of his life.

They don’t question that he is guilty, but they do not challenge his guilt. Some claim that racism played a part McEntee’s white race was considered a factor in McEntee being sentenced to death by the jury.

Johnson’s lawyers asked for the court to intervene because of his mental illness history as well as his age. Johnson was just 19 when the murder occurred. 

Johnson Waits In The Clayton Courthouse For His Trial To Begin In March 2007

Johnson waits at Clayton Courthouse until his March 2007 trial.

Johnson'S Execution Would Be The First Of Three In The Coming Months In Missouri (Photo Taken In Prison)

Johnson’s execution would mark the beginning of three more in Missouri in the next few months (photo taken in prison).

Since 2005, when the Supreme Court banned executions of juvenile defendants under 18 years of age at the time of the crime, courts have been increasingly reluctant to sentence teenagers to death.

In a court filing last week to the US Supreme Court, the Missouri Attorney General’s Office stated there were no grounds for court intervention.

“The state petition stated that Johnson’s victims surviving have waited long enough to get justice. Every day they wait is a day they are denied a chance to finally make peace.

Johnson’s execution was the first of three planned in Missouri over the coming months. 

The state intends to execute Scott McLaughlin and Leonard Taylor, both convicted murderers, on January 3, and February 7, respectively.

This year, sixteen men were executed in the US.

Alabama inmate Kenneth Eugene Smith had been scheduled to die on Thursday for killing a preacher’s wife.

Because prison staff couldn’t find the right vein to inject lethal drugs, they stopped the execution.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey ordered Monday’s ‘top to bottom’ review of Alabama’s capital punishment system.

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