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Missouri Pastor Sets World Record by Running 153 Consecutive Marathons: ‘Every Mile for the Glory of God’


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A Southern Baptist Pastor in Missouri ran 153 successive marathons to raise awareness for adoption, foster care, and youth psychological health.

Pastor Malachi O’Brien of The Church at Pleasant Ridge finished the accomplishment on March 8, breaking his own world record, which he set simply months back.

On December 8, 2022, O’Brien broke the Guinness Book of World Records record for running a marathon daily for 62 days. He began running the marathons on October 6, 2022.

O’Brien, who passes the label “Dr. Run,” exceeded his predecessorVishak Krishnaswamyfrom Dombivli, India, for running the most successive marathons.

The pastor informedChurchLeaders.comthat his objective for running was to raise awareness for adoption, foster care and youth psychological health.

O’Brien was embraced when he was 3 years of ages. He and his better half just recently embraced a kid through the foster care system. They are likewise enthusiastic supporters for psychological healthcare. The set recognized the psychological health crisis amongst youth in 2015 after their earliest child made it through a suicide effort.

On Tuesday, O’Brien was a visitor onThe Eric Metaxas Radio Show!to discuss his historical task of running 153 successive marathons, an overall of 4,008.6 miles.

“I believed I might go permanently, and I wish to keep going. I wish to see how far I can press the limitation, however I can inform my body is breaking down,” he informed host and New York successful author Eric Metaxas.

O’Brien exposed that his preliminary objective was to run 151 marathons since it was another day that 32-year-old Australian female runner Erchana Murray-Bartlett. Bartlett, who finished the accomplishment in January, broke the females’s world record of 106 marathons in 106 days, a record formerly set by Kate Jayden.

He altered the objective to 153 days following a discussion with Metaxas about the “wonderful number from the Gospels.” The number 153 is discovered in John 12:11when Jesus Christ informed his disciples to cast down their webs on the best side of the boat to capture fish.

“So Simon Peter went aboard and carried the net ashore, filled with big fish, 153 of them. And although there were a lot of, the web was not torn,” the bible checks out.

While there are some arguments over the spiritual significance of the number 153, Metaxas called the accomplishment an “crazy wonder– it simply has this wonderful significance as a number to me since it’s so random.”

“Starting marathon 153. Over 4000 miles (1/6 the area of the world) and 900 hours later on, this is it. The last marathon. It’s not the end. Just the start. Stay tuned. Every mile for the Glory of God. For revival. To bring mass awareness to youth psychological health and adoption/foster care. The wonders of this journey astonish me of the goodness of God,” O’Brien composed on the day of his 153rd marathon.

He informedChurchLeaders.comhe prepares to send out 15 terabytes of video footage from all 153 of his races to the Guinness World Records so that his accomplishment would be accredited and taped.

O’Brien prepares to try to break the world record for the most successive half-marathons and the majority of successive half-marathons on a treadmill.

Picture courtesy: © Getty Images/FOTOKITA

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