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Missing Biathlon Talent: Police Find New Clues


Norwegian biathlon talent Eivind Sporaland has been missing since March 19. The search around Lillehammer turned up no decisive leads. But now the police have found new clues that could help solve the case.

As first reported by the TV station “NRK” and then the newspaper “Gudbrandsdolen Dagningen”, Eivind Sporaland’s smartphone was found in the week after Easter. It was discovered by pedestrians, said the police officer responsible for the case, Ragnhild Ouren, to “GD”.

Ouren did not reveal exactly where the phone was found. She only explained that the device was outside. Next, the police want to gain access to the data and try to obtain new information.

In addition, the lead investigator reported a burglary in the municipality of Gausdal that could be linked to the disappearance of Sporaland.

“Things were stolen there that were not of great value. It looks like the burglar took away things that you need to survive in nature,” she said. However, she cannot yet confirm whether the burglary really has anything to do with the Sporaland case.

The police still have no information as to the possible whereabouts of the young up-and-coming biathlete. However, the authorities are now considering again that the 22-year-old could still be alive.

Police ask for help

The lead investigator announces that the area where the phone was found will now be “examined more closely”.

At the same time, Ouren continued to ask the population for active help. “We are still following leads and following up on them if necessary. If anyone becomes aware of things like the Gausdal burglary, they should contact us,” the officer said.

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