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Missing biathlon talent: parents collect donations


Norwegian biathlon talent Eivind Sporaland has been missing since March 19. Numerous volunteers have also been involved in the search for the 22-year-old in recent weeks. As a thank you for their support, the young athlete’s family has now launched a donation campaign.

The parents of missing young biathlete Eivind Sporaland have started a fundraising campaign to thank the numerous helpers for their support in finding their son. The money should go to the organizations that took part in the search. Several thousand euros have already been collected just a few days after the start of the campaign.

“We’re receiving massive support from the people who want to get involved. Many are asking us what they can do specifically. We thought a fundraiser to benefit the Red Cross in Lillehammer would be a great way to help the incredible number to give something back to volunteers,” the parents told the newspaper Gudbrandsdolen Dagningen.

Abandoned car remains the only trace

In addition, the parents thanked the great support that comes from the biathlon community as well as from friends and family members. The sympathy was “overwhelming,” said the father of the 22-year-old: “But at the same time it’s hard and difficult.”

The only lead, he said, remains his son’s abandoned car, which was found shortly after Sporaland’s disappearance became known.

“The only thing we can do now is wait, clues are our best option,” the parents emphasized that every little detail could ultimately be important in the search for their son. Several hundred tips have been received by the police authorities so far – none of which ultimately proved to be helpful.

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