<pre><pre>Miss Spotify can restore its best function with & # 39; Social Listening & # 39;

Spotify seems to be testing a new feature called Social Listening, which allows multiple users to add songs in a queue in real time, just like the dead social platform (minus chat and open invitation policies). The future, excavated by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong and reported this morning through TechCrunch, is just a test now. There are no indications that it would ever find its way to the consumer version of Spotify.


But the screen images that Wong was able to pull out of the hidden code in the Android version of Spotify show a fairly slim settings screen in which users can scan each other's codes or share a link and then create a shared queue. According to Wong, the position seems to be only available to Spotify employees who are likely to test it internally.

Spotify tells TechCrunch, "We are always testing new products and experiences, but have no news at the moment," that is the company's standard response when a work-in-progress feature accidentally finds its way to the public . That said, Social Listening sounds like a very nice idea that would be great as a full function in mobile Spotify.

It is all too often the case in party scenarios or groups where several people want to play music or at least add one or two songs to the queue, just to either have to ask someone to do it for you or synchronize it with whatever speaker plays the music via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and then robs the current DJ for the digital right to select the music. With Social Listening, multiple people can easily pair and prevent them from overwriting a song choice or ruining a carefully crafted queue.

With Spotify you can create collaborative playlists, but this feature continues by allowing you to create a list of songs that you can play in real time without having to go through the difficult process of selecting songs, adding them to a list and arrange the order while you see fit. Here Spotify hopes to show it officially.